Want Scientific PROOF of How Powerful You Are? Here it Is.

Here’s the celestial team about this one–
 Beloved, we wish you to take this post into the HUMAN aspect of your multidimensional Self. Your humanity is surely no less fine or powerful than the rest of YOU that resides in the so-called “higher” dimensions with us. Not by a long shot, as you say! It is through your very humanity that you serve your entire universe at this time. Although we SO Love our crucial mission of recharging your connection with your “Divine Self” through our own frequencies, the precious “human you” needs equal Loving encouragement and support NOW. That is exactly why we have an “earth member!” She can speak to your human Self in a way that no non-human celestial being can. It is most important that you do not categorize your own Being in the hierarchical fashion of your old 3rd dimensional paradigm, as that is the very duality-based programming that you are endeavoring to expand beyond. From our perspective,  our Judith’s post offers an accurate, “divinely human” perspective about where you are, what you are engaged in, and how powerful you are. It carries information and frequencies designed to loosen the hold of both collective and personal human history. It clarifies the human meaning of the threshold you have crossed–and in most humanly definitive terms, we might add–no “ifs ands or buts about it!” Take it in, Beloved. Use it to nourish that precious, stalwart, invincible, divine, humanity of yours with full Self-appreciation. And, if you can’t yet do it on your own behalf–PLEASE do it on OURS. ♥♥

We Love You So! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

4/7/13 Scientific Proof of How Powerful You Are!

First of all! I’m excited to be hearing from so many of you who want to learn how to use your  energetic power tools! That means that you know you are powerful!! Do you realize how wonderful that is? Do you see what a quantum leap you’ve taken? After all, we were seriously programmed to mistrust our power for a very long time! Being even suspected of having power resulted in the persecution of many millions throughout our history. And actually admitting that one had power was deemed sinful, shameful, evil, demented, 0r all of them together. (Deemed by who? By “the powers that be,” of course. Paradoxically. But that’s another story.) Anyway, since claiming to be powerful was a virtual death sentence, keeping one’s mouth shut about it did seem to be a far saner choice for those interested in staying in their physical bodies for any length of time…. No wonder we made a collective decision to forget all about “the P word” for awhile.


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