4.25.13 What You Plant NOW, So Shall You Reap.

4/25/13 Love/Light Message from Judith and the celestial team

From the celestial team–

Beloved, we greet you with our loving assurance that you are NOT alone.

Nor have you taken leave of your senses and “gone mad,” as you say! Quite the contrary, you are gaining MORE of your senses. So, your experiences are heightened NOW, often beyond your current capacity to assimilate or understand. We know. We also know that both the “highs” and the “lows” of your experiences are often manifesting in very rapid succession. It is a temporary process, but a critical one. It is also extremely discombobulating to the human sensibilities that you have become accustomed to. We SEE that, and we surround you with our love, that you not become distressed.

Indeed, we ask that you become diligent about NOT feeding the frequencies of distress in any way. And the word we chose–“diligent”–is one to take literally, for it is YOUR diligence that is required NOW, and more so than ever. Why? Because you are NOW manifesting your experiences more quickly and vividly than ever! This means that you can jump to alternate realities in days or even moments. You have already seen evidence of this, and been amazed. It means, as well, that whatever limiting beliefs and expectations that you have not released are ALSO manifesting quickly and vividly. Hence, the “roller-coaster of experience” that is the cause of your discombobulation.

Understand that this is happening at your service!” Drama,” for example, is created only when needed in order to experience aspects of YOURSELF through reflections that are too unsettling to be ignored. “Depression,” on the other hand, is the result of… accumulated boredom, you might say. Boredom is the signal that it is “time” for change, and it is the continued avoidance of that need that eventually begins to dampen the spirit.

What we are attempting to illustrate is that ALL of your experiences NOW are in service of showing you your OWN frequency states, and so what YOU are creating through them. They are calling you to claim your sovereignty with the same impeccable diligence that is also required of YOU, and it is through heeding them that you will learn to find your balance.

Heed them then, Beloved! The sheer p0wer of your sovereign authority is a staggering realization, when it first fully dawns. We know. And accepting the responsibility of being your own reality creator can seem even more staggering, when first fully realized. We know–and yet wish to remind you, as well,  that it is not news!  It is your truth, and always has been. And once you accept it–and only when you do–you will find it to be your nature. Easy, effortless, divine, and joyful. How do we know? Because we KNOW your nature! And you are just beginning to know it again, yourSelf.
We love you. Always and in All Ways.–the celestial team

This is Judith.

Maybe it’s my background as an actor, but right NOW,  I’m thinking that the frequencies of the celestial team are a hard act to follow. Lol! I’m laughing because I’m also realizing that such “comparison thinking” is an old worn-out drum, beating weakly out of the old paradigm of separation. It has no power over me anymore–in fact, it just sounds silly! And with that fabulous awareness, I’m tossing it out, and offering my own human two cents (or millions!) on the powerful lunar eclipse of our Scorpio full moon. I have tuned into it, and I can tell you that it is a beautiful vision for we human earthlings in more ways than through the sense of sight, alone.

It is a vision for “visionaries,”meaning that it will amplify your own vision, whatever it is focused on. Of course, the energies of any full moon always amplify the effects of whatever you focus on within them. In very simple, colloquial terms, that means “what you SEE is what you GET,” when you’re looking through the light of a full moon. (Always a wise idea, then, to choose what you focus on during a full moon with VERY conscious intent!)

This one, however, being coupled with this particular lunar eclipse, will also amplify your intention to release old beliefs that no longer serve you. “YOUR intention to release” is the operative phrase, here. Because you ARE sovereign, NOTHING is ever taken from you. It is only YOUR choice to release it that rallies the support YOU need in doing so. (Welcome to sovereignty! Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it…in fact, you (we) wouldn’t have it any other way.)

Here’s a last insight  I want to pass onto you–the luar ecplipse gives our moon a pinkish cast, and pink is the color of the personal heart chakra. If you spend as much of the night as you can under the moonlight, opening your own heart to its resonance, it will support and nourish you in aligning with your highest aspirations. (It also feels wonderful!) Of course, YOU must claim your aspirations first, and intend to act from them, before the moon can have a go with them. I strongly suggest that you do, and then let the moon have at them with full  abandon (“lunacy,” I think that was once called…)–for what I’m sensing is that, whatever we plant NOW, we WILL harvest in the fall.

Btw, if you missed out on basking in the pinkish light of our full moon’s eclipse on 4.25, just intend to experience it tonight. Mean it, and you will, even if you can’t “see” it with your eyes!


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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