NOW is the Moment of Choosing Your Future!

Beloved—We are moved. All we ask is that you take this one to heart.
Always and in All Ways—the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


The NOW is always the moment in which you create your future. However, you never work alone– regardless of how tenaciously you have held onto that belief. You are an energy being, and energy  is the medium you use to create your ever-changing perception of “reality.” You are also supported by energy 100% in manifesting exactly the reflections of “reality” that match the frequencies that you pulse out.

However, there are “ebbs and flows” to energy, as you know by experiencing your own.  The particular kind of energy that our current full moon/lunar eclipse is offering us is unlike any we have ever known–because, whether we recognize it or not, our own states of being are NOW unlike any we have ever known. It is the last of a series of three eclipses, all experienced consecutively, and so that alone tells you that it is rare. They have supported us in opening the metaphoric (yet also very…

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