11/1/13 Heads Up– YOUR Frequencies Are Manifesting “Reality” Right Under Your Nose!

Hi, this is Judith. The celestial team is right on my heels (so to say, ha), but they want me to start this one off in my own words. Which are, that I can feel throughout my whole human being how intensely we are moving into the thick of transformation right NOW (I mean, those of us who  have chosen to, of course)…into becoming the radiant Selves we know we are but have kept locked away before NOW…into facing all the illusions of helpless victimhood, and the ego-defenses of protection that have kept us enslaved in them…into choosing to move BEYOND them, finally, and receiving unprecedented–and very intense support– from Pluto in doing so. THIS is what our current Scorpio solar eclipse is offering us.

So I strongly suggest that you consciously make every single choice over the next three days from your heart center. Why? Because whether you have yet embraced your sovereignty or not, it is fully yours NOW. There are no limits to your powers of creation anymore.  WHATEVER you choose to sow through the frequencies of your thoughts, words, and intentions–no matter WHAT it is–so shall you reap (to paraphrase an ancient master and current intimate supporter of ours).

This is the real deal, guys. This is no “woo-woo” idealization. This is the GAME, and it has changed. We are NOW “in charge”– which we always have been–but NOW, we are in charge of the NOW. OK, that’s all I need to say, I’m getting, as I’ve already explained the “whys and wherefores” plenty in prior posts…and you are sovereign, so you either have read them, or can, whenever you want, since they’re all here archived on the site…

Whoo, can you feel it, this shift?  No more molly-coddling, or any other such infantalizing  treatment–not for YOU, (or me either, I’m sure feeling that!) –not anymore.  So I’ll shut up for NOW, and let the celestial team take over–

Heads up, Beloveds!

Rise and Shine! With your current Scorpio solar eclipse, You are, indeed, in the thick of unprecedentedly powerful energies that support You in rising NOW. And there has been much preparation for this…much has been offered to prepare you, and from many beings in our cosmos. We, the celestial team, came forward through our Judith for that very reason as well, and for the last three of your years have been working with You through words and frequencies in our messages and videos (as much as You would allow us to, of course).

NOW is the time to USE whatever You have chosen to learn! NOW more than ever before and from NOW more and more, what You say goes. You are manifesting “reality” through your frequencies more rapidly every day, and soon there will be no “time” to “change your mind.” You see?

NOW is the time to step into LIVING in alignment with your intentions, and leave all thoughts and actions that undermine You behind. Soon, You will see that what You say goes in an instant! THAT is how sovereign You are. And it does not even matter WHAT You choose to manifest–what You say will go, no matter WHAT it is. THAT is how much your Source Loves You.

So, heads up! Rise and Shine, Beloved. And how we will delight in that, for we will tell You this–NO star can Light our cosmos as You can.
How we Love You! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: www.thecelestialteam.com

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  2. Blessed to find you in my current now. Much wanted clarity has been given to me with your resonating words.
    Judith, thank you ❤


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