Allow Yourself to Gestate!

This post is from me, Judith, reblogged from what I’ve called my “earthly website.” AND, it is from the celestial team. You who have become attuned to frequencies will understand exactly what I mean when you read the post. During this incredible phase of integration we are currently in… the “earthly” and the “celestial” are, indeed, becoming ONE.

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

I want to share a question a client asked me yesterday, as well as my response to it, because it seems to be “THE QUESTION” every client asks me these days, albeit in their own, unique ways–

“I make lists of what I want to accomplish every day, and ticking them off fuels my momentum. But lately, I seem to have lost all my motivation. I don’t even see the point of doing things that have always been really important to me! All I want to do is lay around and vegetate, which is very new, and scary because its not like me at all.  How did I get so stuck?”

And my response–
As I attune to your energies, they (you) feel very far from “stuck!” Quite the opposite, just as you said yourself– what you are experiencing is NEW. And how, and where, is NEW created on…

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  1. Judith Dagley – Allow Yourself To Gestate! – 8 March 2014 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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