Its All About FREQUENCY!

Beloved! Do You recognize our frequencies in this post? Do you recognize that what our earth member is describing as the way she attunes with You is exactly the way WE attune with You? That is because it is FREQUENCY that You are made of– just as we are. It is through FREQUENCY that all connections are made. It is through FREQUENCY that all creations are manifested. All beliefs otherwise are simply limitations. This has always been true, of course. NOW, however, the veils on your memory have been lifted. NOW, You are discovering that no past circumstances, no prior conditioning, no ANYTHING but your own free choice has anything to do with the frequencies You choose to create with.
How we rejoice! How excited we are to see what You will create NOW!
— the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Wow, am I ever getting innundated with how our use of the energies of MAY will fit into the big picture of “2014; Our Year of Integration!” I’m sure its because I’ll need to be articulating it all tomorrow night on “Moonlighting by Numbers.” The day before I speak in any “public venue” (meaning other than my very own!), I always get “hits” of whatever will be MOST important to share with those who will be listening to me.

And if its a show where listeners are able to call in and ask questions about the information I’m sharing, as this one is– sometimes the “hits” I get aren’t even relevant for me, personally! Yet I take them all in anyway,  focused on my intention of assimilating them for the highest good of all. Then the next day, I just TRUST my heartfelt intention enough to go beyond ego fears and…

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