5.19.14 Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

Hear, hear, Beloved! And without any need for physical ears, we may add. Your hearing is far sharper than that NOW. And is a far different perceptual experience entirely than the one You have previously thought of as “hearing.” Our Judith addresses this– see if You can HEAR her! And if You don’t… then have fun finding your NEW way of hearing, so that You CAN. Ah, Beloved, the adventure begins in earnest NOW… recognize it! En-JOY every moment.
How we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Yep, keep your eye on the ball.

Keep Your Eye On The BALL!

I already know that’s the whole message I’m about to write, encoded into a single… BALL, lol. Catch it and you’re good to go. No further reading required.

Otherwise, here are a few more “word images” to infuse your awareness. See, I’m getting at this very moment that “word images” will be much more accurately perceived than “explanations,” starting right NOW– and will be more empowering to the perceiver, as well. And that is because we are entering an entirely NEW “perceptual game.”

As of NOW,  relying on the linear process of stringing words together in order to comprehend meaning is obsolete, and will actually limit one’s perceptual abilities to the extreme.

As of NOW, we are moving into energy that is of a higher frequency than the brain can process in the old linear way. That, of course, is because the higher the…

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