5.31.14 This is 2014. This is Paradigm Shift!

Beloved, these are NOT “normal times!” Isn’t that wonderful? How could they be, when this is your Year of Integration? Learn to recognize the shifting energies, and tune into them. Never assume they mean anything You have ever experienced before– for then You are not really IN them, are You?” Oh, be here NOW, Beloved! Learn to be YOU again! How we Love YOU. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

I’m getting lots of questions lately like this one– “I feel like I’m trapped in a fog these days, and my mind just keeps running in circles– how do I stop making myself dizzy and get OUT of the fog?”

I definitely understand this question! In fact, I’ve spent the last week zeroing IN on that fog, as well as tracking every “thought step” on that repetitive brain treadmill. If you also relate to the question, I’ll tell you what I’ve discovered.

The “fog” is the result of having NEW intuitive awarenesses that are not coherent with the lower frequencies of old, habitual thoughts. The brain doesn’t know what to do with them, therefore, so it just keeps running in circles.

The way OFF the treadmill is to notice what thoughts repeat the most. Whatever they are about is what you need to stand in your power to face and…

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