6.13.14 When “Relationships” Don’t Feel Like RELATIONSHIPS

Hear, HEAR, Beloved!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

This is Judith on Friday the 13th, innundated by a Full Sagittarius Moon that brought me a “Hit of the Day” that packs a whallop. It must also be REALLY important to share the whallop, because its barreling out of me with so much force that it feels like energy being released from the nucleus of an atom.

Do you know why so many relationships feel unsatisfying? It is because either one or both parties aren’t even IN it! He, she, or both in whatever combination, are not even LISTENING to the other for any reason having to do with what “relating” is all about.

Instead, they are letting their brains run them on auto-pilot, taking in only what fits into categories they already know. Which means they are not present, are not engaged, are not even WITH the other. No wonder so many relationships feel lonely!

And that is something…

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