7.7.14 It’s ALL Frequency NOW.

Our frequencies are IN this post, Beloved, and so we need add no introduction. The integration of all into one through frequency attunement is going very well between our earth member and her families in this moment!
Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Frequency Lesson– I don’t know where to BEGIN. Even the word “begin” isn’t a helpful one, born of linear programming as it is. I CAN say that I am CONSCIOUSLY learning (consciously is a keyword)  about ten “aha lessons”  a minute, however… which is slow, I admit, since they come at least a thousand a minute.

But considering that a year ago I was probably CONSCIOUSLY learning only about five “aha lessons” a minute, it IS progress– which is no longer a useful word either. It is EXPANSION… that’s better.

The ONLY place I learn these lessons is IN THE MOMENT. If I’m not present, then the old programming of “the past” runs ME–right back onto auto-pilot.

The ONLY way I learn them is by attuning to the frequencies of the moment, and choosing to HARMONIZE with them.

Let’s face it. To attempt to BE, right NOW, while using old…

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