7.18.14 PERSEVERE!

Understand, Beloved! YOU, as a Co-Creator Being of Frequency, are at the fulcrum of a turning point for humankind. Indeed, DO persevere in your mastery of consciously manifesting destiny through frequency! To do otherwise– to manifest by default to the majority, for example…would not be wise NOW, nor even kind… particulary not NOW.
Hold your own! Persevere! SHINE, Beloved! Pulse out the frequencies of your Light NOW, and shine as never before.
How we love you. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Frequency Lesson!

This one is about flowing with CHANGE. It is radical, and at the moment it is as much for ME as  for anyone who reads it.

In my case, its about knowing that “‘frequency lesson posts’ are useless until and unless they are useful to those who read them.” (Decode THAT one, and you’ll get way more out of it than you “thought” you would.)

In general, this lesson is about
1.) attuning in every moment to how RAPIDLY a complete shift in consciousness is occuring, and
2.) recognizing the many ways in which such a radical shift can play out.

Some will try to navigate it as if it is “same old, same old,” and so blame themselves for “failing,” and retreat… and so they WILL, bless their hearts.

Others will like the “concept,” but not really “buy it,” and so think they can “get by” with…

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