New Video, Solstice Energy Tele-Gathering… A Whole Lot of Magic to Integrate!

There will never be a moment as powerful as NOW.
There will never be a moment more powerful than NOW.
There will never come a “better time” than NOW to leap into the dreams you have NOW, than NOW.
— the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


NEW VIDEO: The Resistance/Attachment Bind– How to Free Yourself!
This is the fourth “of a piece.” The alchemy of transformational change is generated sequentially, with each phase setting the foundation for the next. If you wish to use this one optimally, the prior three need to be sequentially viewed and integrated. They are:

The Human Wound– The Truth that Will Set You Free

The Transformational Alchemy of Integration: Cracking the Codes!

The Alchemy of Self-Cherishing

SOLSTICE ENERGY TELE-GATHERING, December 21st at 5:00 p.m. pstd.
This is it, the doorway through “time” when past transmutes into future. Don’t walk through it alone.
Join us by phone or skype from wherever in the world you are.
Receive whatever YOU need to step into your dreams. They are REAL.
To Register:
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $15.00 via paypal to
Note it “Solstice Energy Tele-Gathering.”

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