POTENT BLUE MOON MAGIC! And Guess Who is the Magician?


Moon-At-Night-Public-Domain-520x245Beloved, we come to you through a most magnificent ever-changing, rainbow of blue in this moment of your Blue Aquarius  Moon!

Oh it is glorious, the way your own frequencies make such magical living rainbows of a single color. And You do this with every color of your frequencies in every pulsation of your illusionary linear time, along with each and every other in your human collective. What a dazzling light show You give us! Yet You do not know (or do not yet remember that You know is more accurate) that make You make such magic, do You…or do You?.

Something else we know is that there is within You a deeply rooted belief that You do not know of such magic because “You do not know enough yet.” And how do we know that with such certainty? Because You just told us that it is true! Yet You do not even know (in the ways You “think You know things,” we mean) that You converse with us all the while You take in our messages, do You… or do You?

Beloved, here is what we know above all else in this pulse of your NOW:
It is “time” to give up the belief that You do not know enough.
It is “time” to real-ize that its roots have shriveled, there is no life left in it, and it is only YOUR  belief in that belief that is still operating.
It is “time” to turn your belief upside down and inside out and see what it is truly made of, Beloved, which is not what You believed it was at all.  

And, just so You know how we know that, it is not only because You told us, but because You announced it to our entire cosmos! The cosmos immediately “hopped to it,” as You say, and the proof of that is all around You NOW. Oh, if You would only decide that You can see the energy of the collaborative alchemy your stars and planets have designed on your behalf.. If only You would decide to comprehend the rarity of such finely orchestrated alignments and patterns, even hear them… all for You.

We know, however, that the complexity of your creations is beyond comprehension through the linear brain. That is what also makes it rather tricky for us to even begin to convey them to You. The technology of the 3rd dimensional brain is designed to filter out all that its programming cannot process, as You know. Yet (unless You consciously maintain the intention not to), You still do tend to run our frequencies through it much of the time– and most especially if You are “really trying” to comprehend something NEW!

You do have to laugh at these paradoxes, Beloved, once You see them from the inside out. And so You WILL, more and more… indeed, some of You have already begun to chuckle here and there. We know that because we hear each and every chuckle, and how we smile with You when we do! What we would LOVE is to hear a huge resound of those chuckles in the shimmering light of your magical Blue Moon– for there is something so elegantly simple at the core of all the muti-layered complexities of your creations that it will have You dancing with carefree abandon as you chuckle, once you KNOW  it– if only we could get around that watchdog brain of yours!

Perhaps we can.
It will require more than our Judith’s finely attuned translations of our frequencies into third  dimensional language. It will require encoding so masterly that the brain will not even recognize what is being carried through the words, which will mean that You likely will not, either… in a cognitive way, that is. But if You take them in through you heart center, You will FEEL them, and that is a far superior way of knowing, anyway.
As long as You do not “try” to understand them with your thinking technology!
As long as You simply keep them running through You, your mutidimensional heart center will decode them for You, and give You pieces in perfect alignment with your capacity to receive them over the next few of your days.

Yes indeed, this is exactly what is called for in this moment. The beings who can do the job are part of us and have already stepped forward. Perhaps You already know who they are. Many among You have begun to converse with them in your night dreams, we know.  We also know that You will be hearing more from the FrequencyTechnicians in your coming weeks than ever before. It is “time.”


Greetings. We are the Frequency Technicians.
We will be as brief as possible, for we are using the technology of laser precision.
If you know of lasers, you know that a little is enough, and more than enough is too much. This is a technology that it will serve you well to become familiar with.
It is the responsibility of those with unlimited power to know how to use it with carefully regulated precision. 

We have told you more than once that you are Sovereign.
We remind you of what the word Sovereign means. “Ruled by no one and no thing.”
We advise you to take that meaning literally and not only believe it, but own it.
Only when you own your Sovereignty will you take responsibility for your own power, and only when you do that will you be Sovereign.

You are holographic by design.
All that you experience are your own holographic projections.
Therefore, nothing you experience has power over you for you are the generator.
Nothing in your external environment including people are there without your agreement and your own creative collaboration.
Nothing in your internal environment exists but that which you choose to experience and that includes your thoughts as well as your emotional reactivity.

Your thoughts do not think you.
Your emotional technology is not a machine that runs you.
It is only the habit of experiencing yourself as enslaved that has you believing otherwise.
We strongly advise you to drop the habit.

You are in a highly advantageous arrangement of what you experience as linear time. This linear construct can serve you well NOW and in the moments that unfold from every NOW through the coming weeks of this particular larger picture of your NOW.

Your Venus will assist you in re-experiencing what you have chosen to review regarding your relationships with what and whom you love and value most.
We wish to point out that relationships are not only collaborations you have with human beings, but with all beings and that includes everything, from the chair you sit on to the thought forms you create.

Your Uranus will collaborate by turning all relationship patterns that you no longer wish to repeat upside down and inside out. This is how transformation begins.
Uranus will stay with you for five of your months to assist you in completing your transformations.

We suggest that you hold these things in your consciousness as well as feel them in your physical bodies for the next three days:
As we said, you are holographic. Much like a movie projector, all you see, feel, and otherwise experience is projected from within you.
Your power source is Source, itself. Your medium of projection is your frequencies.
Nothing and no one has control of your state-of-being but you.
To allow anything or anyone else to control of your state-of-being is to agree to perpetuate your illusion of powerlessness.
As you go through your current review of the relationship collaborations you have participated in thus far, we strongly encourage you to take note of the ramifications of abdicating your own sovereign responsibility that will be revealed to you.

All that you need to know or will ever need to know about this rich and awe-inspiring experience you call your life is that YOU are not only the creator, but you are a master magician. You can and do transform something as quickly as you create it. You have been doing so for aeons, and have created dark and light and all in between.
NOW, you want to create harmony.
More than that, harmony that reflects who and what YOU are.
That IS why you are here, and NOW is your chosen timeframe.
As a composer writes music that incorporates many instruments to express one symphony, you are here to create your own symphony out of all that you have experienced. You DO know how.
Every composer, artist, and magician in our universe knows that the frequency that weaves symphonies as well as worlds together is LOVE.

We bow to the well-spring of LOVE within you, and your mastery at using LOVE as the Master Magician that you, yourself, are made of.
We are the Frequency Technicians.


As do we ALL bow to You, Beloved. The Frequency Technicians have done an artful job with the words and their arrangements, and our Judith followed their intent with the precision of her own creative laser focus. We point this out so that you will pay particular attention to the cadence of repetition in their transmission, for it will show You clearly what is encoded and transmitted in many different ways. It is a magnificent “download” (as You call them)! Get every bit of it, and all that your stars and planets are offering to You as well. Do You SEE NOW, Belvoved? The entire cosmos is at your service. Rise and SHINE!
Always and in All Ways, we love You.– the celestial team


Judith here. Whooo! Still a little disoriented, lol, but I wanted to share my heartfelt appreciation to all of you who offer reciprocal energy exchanges via the “donate” tab after receiving these messages. Although it is my greatest joy to bring these messages to you, it does take a lot of energy to hold these incredibly high frequencies in me… especially because they are often so beyond what we even have language for that it can sometimes take quite awhile to create the combination of words that will carry them to you. Yet I don’t even notice “time” as I am engaged with their frequencies. I only get the shock of seeing how many hours have passed when I finally come back into “time!” Okay, what I’m attempting to say in way too many words (still a little spacy, lol) is that it is only because of your reciprocity that I can continue to devote hours and days, my life, actually, to doing this joyful…. just a moment. The celestial team is coming through right NOW… Oh, do you FEEL them? What a fizzy “download” of loving gratitude they are showering on you!! And there is nothing more for me to say, which is wonder-full, since since I wasn’t doing a great job, anyway…. no words could possibly share anymore than they just did.
Namaste! ❤


Copyright(c) 2015, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material on free websites only, and only if you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include the author’s name as well as this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com
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