More ANSWER to GOOD QUESTION # 2– Getting OUT of Enslavement Programming!

This is Judith. Just saying…this is such a rudimentary post as compared to all that the celestial team has been sharing here for the past 5 years that I am really surprised that they have asked me to share it here with you NOW! I do know that it is a very “logical” one, so not easily dismissed even by the o.s. of the 3D brain. I also know that, BECAUSE the information in it is so rudimentary, it is absolutely crucial NOW. So… what I’m “getting” in this moment is this– If you glaze over or zone out when you read this, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me for a private session! If you don’t think you can “afford it,” I will have a sliding scale of reciprocity in place, just for YOU. Because… YOU can’t afford NOT to “get” this post and integrate it. And WE need one another to be “up to speed” together NOW. You are so not alone. Truly, We ARE all in this together, and this IS the SHIFT.. right here, right NOW.
Much much much much Love/Light to you!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Finally feels like “right timing” to continue answering  GOOD QUESTION #2 in the Master’s Class of Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!

How do I get OUT of my own enslavement program?

“Right timing” is one of the first concepts I learned in my shamanic apprenticeship. It basically means “in alignment on an energetic level with readiness to be received and used in the most expedient and impactful way.”

Shamans know the importance of focusing– which is something we ALL need to learn ASAP, as you will see. They also know the importance of review– to assist those who may not yet know the importance of focusing.

To review what was begun in the post on 8.7.2015–

The 1st and foundational step of getting out of your own enslavement progamming is to know that whatever…

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