This is Judith.
What a WEEKEND! With this very NEW new moon occuring in collaboration with this particular planetary “grand cross”… yowza. All I can say from my own human experience is this–EVERYTHING came out and it was all about ME. (I didn’t know that at first, of course, lol.) Instead, it felt like an ending to something precious to me, so I LET it be (finally). Then it suddenly morphed into a deeper BEGINNING (because I LET radiant growing-green-plantIT BE, finally)… and I like it much, MUCH better this way!

So, all I can say to YOU is that, whatever your weekend was like, PAY ATTENTION to what was revealed to you about YOU. That is ALL you need to know NOW.

And this is the celestial team, Beloved!
Our Judith is quite right, all you will ever need to know is YOU,  and You will never stop learning YOU for there are no limits to all that YOU are, nor to your capacity to EXPAND. You are made of Source energy, after all, just as your universe is, just as WE are!
Wherever You “think” You are is a creation of your own FREQUENCIES– be it a relationship, a circumstance, a location on your planet, or a dimension. All of of those things are simply information… about YOU.
Always, and in All Ways, we love YOU — the celestial team


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