7.3.11 Christ Consciousness: The Second Coming

This is Judith. There are no accidents. This post was transmitted and published on July 3rd, 2011. Somebody just “liked” it. The very first person to “like” it in over 5 years.
I then went back to read it myself… my GOD! How this transmission MOVED me! A rush of feelings, human and otherwise, rushed through me. Most of all, a deep gratitude that after all this “time,” one person FELT the call and the LOVE. And that made me want to REPOST it… maybe another will feel the LOVE. What a bounty that would be for him or her! How delighted our Yeshuwah would be! And IS already, I can feel the delight running through me, the shivers and the goosebumps (as we call them, lol). Here You go, Yeshuwah! ❤ I'm sending your frequencies OUT again!!

the celestial team

7/3/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved, we greet you in a swoop of energy, just “in and out” this time with a brief exchange!

We know you are still digesting Yeshuwah’s words and frequencies from the last few transmissions, and we do not want to interrupt that most wonderful process. So, we promise to be brief. We transmit now only because there is a big birthday celebration scheduled tomorrow in one of the countries you use to separate yourselves with. It is your United States that is having its party at this time, and because this celebration falls so soon after your last new moon/partial eclipse as well as Yeshuwa’s last transmission, it is “energetically stirred,” shall we say? And “energetically charged,” as well, we might add. Of course, this “timing” is no accident, as you know by now that no timing ever is.

Through your Yeshuwah, you…

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