Heads UP! We’re Heading into NOVEMBER.


Beloved, this is your moment. By “this” we mean your month of November. By “this,” we mean the vortex of your own co-creation– or “maelstrom” as our Judith calls it even more expressively, that is also your month of November. Do not be dismayed by the chaotic frequencies that the word “maelstrom” express, however, for that will NOT serve You. Nor will it serve You to “try” to ignore them. You are a CREATOR-BEING, remember?
DO re-member, Beloved, for You are what YOU ARE, and every choice You make will be a creative act on a very grand scale this month! Period. Not “as long as You make your choices consciously.” Not “as long as You know what You are doing.” On the contrary. You did not choose this experience to test your ability to remain unconscious! Nor did You have the slightest intention to be dismayed, we assure You of that.
You chose this maelstrom to navigate through as your own experiential Initiation into Sovereignty, and You chose it with very powerful frequencies of TRIUMPH.
And so You WILL triumph– if You still so choose, of course– for You are SOVEREIGN! No one, whether in physical form or not, can ever “make You” choose anything, and there are no exceptions to that. Only when YOU abdicate your power to choose are others allowed to choose for You by default. That is why being Sovereign without fully claiming one’s Sovereignty has led to human enslavement. Hence, your choice to PROVE your Sovereignty to yourSELF, once and for ALL, through the Initiation of November 2016!
We know, however, that some among You have gotten a bit lost already in the preceding months. Some among You have even regressed into “trying to lay low,” as you say (neither “laying OR “low” is a very good idea), or using “protection” (an even worse idea).

Hence, OUR webinar “Navigating Safely and Sovereignly Through the Maelstrom Of November 2016!” Our “web-in-are,” as we see it on your Sunday, November 6th, 2016,  is carefully designed to go over the BASICS You will need in order to navigate through the web You are in, TRIUMPHANTLY. Always, we are there to assist You in claiming your Sovereignty, Beloved. Yet BECAUSE You are Sovereign, we can only do so if You CHOOSE.

Our Judith shares her passionately human perspective about how important this web-in-are is in her own post below (what a powerful GIFT human passion is!), as well as the earthly details about how to register, etc. But only YOU can choose whether to BE there or not.

We can only HOPE You will!
IF You do, WE will be there FOR YOU … with bells on.

How we LOVE You, Beloved! Always and in All Ways—the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Heads UP, indeed.  Tomorrow is NOVEMBER 1ST. We’re heading into a maelstrom of transformation. Many ask, why NOW? Even some who’ve known all along that 2016 is our Yearof Transformation are asking why the final stage would be a maelstrom of ending/beginning. Don’t ask me to explain why they are asking!  

At least not NOW. I understand that it is confusing. I understand that when others you’ve felt close to suddenly seem very far away that it can feel like loss. Don’t buy it. At least not yet.

“Distance” is not spatial, it is a matter of frequency range. Dimensions that share the same space can be intrinsic unto themselves (and are). It does not take “time” to navigate from one to the other, therefore, only a shift in frequency. And there is plenty of frequency shifting going on NOW! And we are only at the beginning.

NOW, it is how you handle your own…

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