The Big AHA

Hello, Beloved… we must share this with You!
Ahhh… why not tell You ourselves, You ask? We laugh… the “separation” between our Judith and us is not quite as “cut and dried” as it once seemed to be, You know! Nor is it between us and You. In truth, if You read her words through your multidimensional heart center, You will hear/feel OUR frequencies in them, weaving in and out! Not only that, but You may hear/feel your OWN in them as well… as if our Judith is channeling a part of You, too… yes, INDEED.
Remember, whatever you FEEL, whatever RESONATES in You is TRUE for You. (And nothing ELSE… remember that, too!) Besides, our Judith can explain what is going on among You better than we can on our own, NOW. She is THERE with You!
Much Love/Light and applause to You, Beloved. You are creating a NEW world. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


If you are energy sensitive, you already know that something is UP.
But even if you’ve never been particularly sensitive to energy before, you know something is UP.
Not because of what you read or hear about, and not because of anything that’s going on in your personal life, either. Those things are by-products of what’s up… one of which is the Schumann resonance.

Huh? What’s the Schumann resonance? (Some ask. Not all.)
It’s the heartbeat of our earth, measured by the peaks in the ELF (extremely low frequency) portion of earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. And in 2014, for the first time in documented history, the beat went up from a from a steady 7.83 Hz to a steady 8.7 Hz. Then it went way up, to a fluctuating (unsteady) range of 15-25 Hz!  

But that’s nothing NOW. Have you noticed how FAST the trajectory of your life has suddenly begun to change? How…

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