We are all over this, Beloved!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


I have so much to offer you that it feels like… “too much at once” are the words that came to mind.Well, isn’t that interesting,” thinks I. “That’s old scarcity programming!”
I am so glad  I caught that.

So. Let me begin again. 
I am excited by what I have to offer today. It is a lot of bounty all at once– but then, that makes sense because we have been already been through a lot this year. UPheaval, I’ve called it: “being heaved upward.” This bounty package is just what we need (I did, anyway) to integrate the bruises of our UPheavals in a NEW and
 transformative way. It IS an “inside job,” after all!

There is far more in each offering than I can describe in words, and more for you in particular than I am privy to, as well, so I’ll use few words and make them full.


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