To All Who Are Waiting

Beloveds…this post is from our Judith’s very HUMAN heart.
You see, “time” is not linear. You ALL are hopping all over the place– between timelines, past and future, even different aspects of your SELF in different locations!
“Anyway,” as our Judith says, please take her words into YOUR human heart. Your heart is NOT linear, and it is POWERFUL!
— the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Specifically, to all who are waiting for the sharing of “What Happened,” of course (which you probably already know because you’re reading this, but in case you’ve never been here before and want to know, see the last three posts in the right sidebar)– 

You’ve  been waiting a long “time.” 

I know you have, and it shocks me!  I can see on the calendar, and it’s horrifying that I’ve made you wait so long.  And I’m sorry. And I also cannot help it. 
Because I’m still not fully back into linear “time.”

Let me explain.  (Briefly.)
I’m aware that I’m operating within a linear “time” structure– at least enough for basic functioning, anyway– but I, myself, am not in  it.
I cannot feel “time” passing, in other words!

Oh, I know, that doesn’t tell you much…  it’s completely out of a linear frame of reference.  But maybe…

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