6.11.11 Yeshuwah Tells the Story of Your Light, part 2

WAIT A SECOND… PLEASE? This is Judith, and I’ve been asked to deliver three brief messages to you before you click the link to read the post! First of all, Yeshuwah is DELIGHTED that, of all who read Part 1 (and there were hundreds!), only two or three went on to read Part 2– and not even one read beyond that! Yeshuwah is deeply gratified by the “Self-honoring” reflected by such heart-centered honoring of their wishes. Second, because “context sets tone,” I’m asked to point out that this repost was originally transmitted during a period when many fear-based stories were spreading through our human collective, fueling a sense of powerlessness and dependency on “being rescued.” Third, remember to take the post in through your multidimensional heart center rather than through old 3D brain programming, which can only entangle you in limiting entrainment patterns, such as looking for “fact over content.” (That will get you NOWHERE, trust me–especially not NOW!) Instead, read for TRUTH. YOUR truth, which can ONLY be recognized through FREQUENCY RESONANCE. So tune in, TAKE IN what resonates, and leave the rest for another… “time.” ♥


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the celestial team

6/11/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, hello! We are most joyful to connect with you again!
We have been watching you very closely since our last transmission! Indeed, it was a most riveting one for us, and for your entire universe as well. When Yeshuwah moved forward with the story of your Light, it was a movement that rippled throughout the universe.

ALL who felt it leaned in to listen. We feel the enormous energy of the ALL gathering round again now. You see, Yeshuwah’s telling of this story lifts the frequencies of any and all who “have ears to hear it,” metaphorically speaking. Many have waited long for this moment, simply to hear the telling and feel the Light. That is why we have been watching YOU so closely! It is YOUR STORY, and with “ears to hear it,” it will resonate within YOU most profoundly of all.

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12.28.13 Yeshuwah Reviews the Story of Your Light

This is Judith, just wanting to let you know how this reblog happened. I was about to post that I’d “gotten the green light” to offer the recording of the “2nd International Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives” on the site, when I got another message–basically, the gist was, “Not so fast!” It really surprised me, especially when I was directed to re-read THIS transmission, delivered way back on 6.5.11! But as I did so, I “got” it. There are many newcomers to our site, and Yeshuwah wants to personally connect, and “lay the groundwork” (“gridwork,” actually, in energetic terms), not only for the recording, but for your entry into the energies of 2014. And, even for those who have already read this message, it is more encoded NOW than it was at the time of delivery, because WE are able to take in more–and so Yeshuwah would like you to re-read it NEW, as well. Oh, and one more thing– although there are actually five sequentially transmitted parts to “The Story of Your Light,” each is VERY rich, so I’m also being asked to suggest that you take only THIS one in thoroughly for NOW. I’m not sure if Yeshuwah wants to co-ordinate the offerings of the others, or if you’ll get the “go-ahead” to go on and read them in your own “right timing,” but I’ll let you know when I know.
Btw… if you’re a bit taken aback by all this “not knowing until I know” talk, all I can say is, “Welcome to my life,” ha! And oh yeah, one more thing… it wouldn’t hurt to get used to it yourself… “linear time” is just an illusion, a 3D game, remember? All there IS is NOW. (HA!) ♥ ♥ ♥


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the celestial team

6/5/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, the celestial team, greet you most lovingly as always!

This time, however, we do so in excited frequencies of anticipation, for we are suddenly surrounded by much fanfare! Our atmosphere has begun to crackle with a sense of occasion, and we feel ourselves moving into a state of awe. This does not occur simply because we gather to share a transmission with you! No, something important is about to happen. Imagine your air all at once resounding with the achingly clear and majestic notes of Archangel Gabriel’s trumpets, simply because you “opened your mouth to speak,” and you’ll get the idea!

Well, the announcement has been made, and now there is silence, and so we will begin and see what happens. Our intention is to tell you that the movement you are feeling within you and among you energetically now is “normal”…

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12.12.13 From Within the Portal, With Yeshuwah

This is Judith, and YES there IS a 12.12 portal– because I am IN it right NOW as I write the following words.

In the midst of chaos, we embody our dreams. Yesterday I found myself living one at the Wildlife Waystation. Today I found myself living another. I was getting “insights” for the Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives on 12/17, when suddenly Yeshuwah came through with such overwhelming Love and such amazing “insights”– both so far beyond what “I know” in my human self– that I DID know the experience was FAR REALER than “what I think I know.” It was even far beyond any dream I had consciously allowed myself to know of!

And meanwhile, I am also feeling very human, and very small indeed, as I face integrating all of these dreams into “who I thought I was.”

What I “got” in response to using the word “small” about myself is something I wish to pass onto you–

“You are not small, but vast. You are not either/or, but all. The process You are in is one of integrating opposites into wholeness. What feels like riding a loop-de-loop, as You have described it, is simply the way the process of re-claiming All That You Are feels in human form. Allow the re-balancing to occur, claim the truth of your power as You recognize your manifested dreams, and LOVE yourSelf whole again. Do You understand our meaning, Beloved? It is as vast as You are, and as glorious. Let us be succinct, so that you may feel the frequencies of  Truth resonate through your humanly embodied being, and know thySelf: Be still and know that You are God.”  — Yeshuwah



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11.11.13 Emergence!

(Prefacing note: Talk about “emergence!” I, Judith, simply meant to post this as a re-blog from my other site, but then was called to makes a few changes…and before I knew it, the celestial team got in the act, and Yeshuwah came forward with a few words…so the whole post got a “frequency upgrade!” Although “the point” is the same as in the original,   it emerged in a whole NEW energy pattern, and so very different…)

Hi, this is Judith. I’m  feeling incredibly strongly impulsed to let you know that if you are feeling somewhat cranky these days, due to being innundated by regrets, sorrows, resentments, and/or self-recriminations over “things that happened in the past”–  it does NOT mean what it might have meant “in the past.” Even (or especially) if things you thought you’d left behind a long “time” ago are suddenly coming up again in great force, or people you haven’t heard from for a long “time” are suddenly showing up and activating you emotionally in unsettling or downright disturbing ways– this “time,” it does not mean what it would have meant even six months ago!  THIS “time,” it means you are in flow with your own expansion. It means that you are ready to TRULY release your old self-limiting programs at last.

So congratulate yourself, is what I need to tell you! Because what you thought you had  left behind may not have been left behind. You see, the methods we used in the old paradigm…were of the old paradigm. They could only take us so far, and NOW we’re already far beyond their scope. For example, remember affirmations? A few decades ago, that was a method for replacing old self-defeating programs with healthy, empowering ones that became a huge “self-help bestseller.”

But that was then, not NOW. Besides, they never really worked all that well even back then, did they? That’s because affirmations are formulated in the brain… which is a programmed treadmill… which can create the illusion of “getting ahead,” of course… which can get us feeling hopeful for awhile… until we realize we aren’t really going anywhere we haven’t already been. The brain is very dedicated to keeping us running its 3rd dimensional treadmill, and since every thought is formulated from its vast storehouse of what we already know, how could it take us anywhere NEW, anyway?

But NOW, however, our NEW operating system is the multi-dimensional heart center, and so there are no limits to where we can go. That is why the old patterns of Self-limitation are rising up into your consciousness again, and they are not being pulled up by thoughts. In fact, they usually seem to come rushing up on their own, and often in spite of what we think! Well, they’re not coming up entirely on their own, either, nor do they mean you’re on the same old treadmill, repeating the same old patterns. Remember the Laws of Resonance the celestial team and I keep mentioning in our posts and videos? Aha! That’s what you’re experiencing NOW, and so vividly that you can’t help but get an excellent lesson in how they work. And that is a GOOD thing!

As I said, the way the old stuff is coming up NOW is different, and the difference means that you are in flow with your own process of expansion. Remembering how the Laws of Resonance work will keep you focused on that difference; otherwise, you might end up resisting your own expansion (oh, no!). As we move into higher (more expansive) frequencies, all of the lower ones that are still within us attempt to resonate with them, and so are propelled upward, too. And the beauty of that is, when they do, you can release all of the beliefs, fears, judgments, etc., that kept some of your own frequencies locked in their lower ones!

So they’re all coming up to let you know EXACTLY what you need to let go of– you don’t have to worry about them lurking in crevices within you, “hiding from the Light”– because they can’t! These NEW higher frequencies just cause them to spiral right up. NOW, how great is that? And since you’re reading this, you’ve probably also read at least some of my posts over the past three years, on either this site or my own, about HOW to release them. So USE that information, and do so NOW!

See…this IS YOUR responsibility. Whew, it made me nervous just to write that, because  I am aware that  those who cling to the old, powerless, victim/aggressor paradigm would take it as a giant, “victimizing,” accusation. (See? That’s some old fear in me that just came up, and I had to stop and clear it before pecking out another word!) Self-responsibility is the ticket out of “victim consciousness,” and into “sovereign authority.” Out of the dissonance of separation, and into the harmony of Unity Consciousness. I’d even go so far as to say that claiming “Sovereign Self-Responsibility” is the biggest gateway into JOY that any of us could enter.

And THAT’S why its so wonderful that these old fear-based thoughts and perceptions from “the past” are coming up to be released NOW– because something much BETTER is ready to emerge. And it is everything your heart desires. So self-judgment comes up, for example. Why? To be released. Why? Because SELF-LOVE  IS READY TO EMERGE. So fear comes up to be replaced by the safety of Love, resentment to be replaced by compassion, self-doubt to be replaced by self-trust….you get the picture, right?

Wow, just typing that filled me with excitement! Did you feel it, too, as you read it? If so,  welcome to our ancient connection, Beloved! (Yikes. Did that “Beloved” just come out of ME? I guess so, because the celestial team is letting me know that they had no part in it– and they are absolutely loving that it “popped out” of me, btw…those magnificently divine stinkers!) And, so…yes. I DO love you. And I know you by heart, for you are an aspect of me that I have missed for long. So there. And here comes the celestial team (thank God,  because I need some recovery-from-emergence time!)–

Indeed, here we come, Beloved!  For we are also fizzy with excitement in this moment, and we encourage You to use our excited frequencies to tap into your own as fully as You possibly can. And then follow that excitement wherever it leads You! If You do, where You will soon find  yourSelf is WITHIN  all that is emerging inside You NOW. 

Let the focus of your process stay within your EMERGENCE– not on what is coming up around it to be released– for the focus of that is to make room for your own emergence!  Stay there within the blooming, then, and remember that it is YOU.

From there, we promise You that clearing space for your own blooming will not seem like an “ordeal”… not once You begin to feel the eager delight  of your own divine nature  at finally having that space to fill! Not once You begin to feel your OWN eagerness light You up… then grow brighter with gratitude, joy… and finally fully ablaze in every cell with wildly celebratory excitement. Ah, don’t miss any of it, Beloved! Focus on the emergence, clear the space for it, and…en-JOY. EN-JOY!

This is Judith again. What I’m seeing is the metaphor of cleaning out a grungy closet after a decade or ten of neglectful inattention– once we get into it and “see” it begin to emerge without the grunge, it becomes amazing. The cleaning out process morphs from being “hard” into being exciting, because our focus has shifted from what we are clearing out (the old) to what we are clearing space for as it emerges. And…whoa. Yeshuwah–

This is Yeshuwah. Beloved, know that your excitement is most precious to us. We love nothing more than to see You filled with your own excitement, for it is a force generated to You through your very SOUL. Excitement is what You feel as You allow your own divinity to emerge and live within You! Excitement is also what You feel when You allow it to lead You. Follow it, indeed, Beloved!  There is no wiser, more trustworthy guide in your universe for You than your own excitement.

Remember what we have told You many times. The eye of the needle is WITHIN You. All that You perceive around You is nothing but your own reflection. Trust us in that, and above all, TRUST the divinity of your passion. Let it lead You “through the needle” NOW to be and do what delights You the most. You need no map, or plan, or even to know ahead of “time” exactly where You are going. Simply enjoy your excitement with child-like wonder, for it DOES know, we assure You, where it leads… as do we. Like a brilliant star that outshines all others and for your eyes, alone, it will always lead You HOME. Follow its Light and rejoice, Beloved. You need never feel lost again. And so it is.

Um…Judith, here again…completely speechless.  What else is there to say?  ♥♥♥

How we love you! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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9.29.13 Are You an “Energy Sensitive?” Then This is for YOU, part 1. ♥

Ah, Beloved! We pop in briefly to add our frequencies to this “post,” as you call it–although were You to hear us through your physical ears, we would sound like peals of laughter rather than words! It is the way our Judith describes being “struck” by the call to reach out to those among You who are particularly sensitive to energy that has us in our current state of hilarity. We will not spoil your fun in reading that for yourSelf– but we WILL tell You that what she describes was only the beginning! Then, we will give You the delicious experience of waiting until her follow-up post to read/hear/feel the rest. We only add that what “struck” her was, indeed a blazing truth, and quite literally so, for the “energy sensitives” among You are your trail-blazers. They have lived in a state of being that has been ahead of your “time”–until NOW. As frontrunners for your human collective, they have often been labeled “TOO sensitive,” even pathologized. NOW, however, it is “time” to expand beyond such limited perceptions. NOW it is time for ALL to grow into that same finely-tuned sensitivity. And…should YOU be one of these beacons of Light called “energy sensitive,”  know that we see You, and we honor your courage. Rejoice, Beloved, for it is “time” for You to be recognized, tended to, nurtured, and supported. Know that our Judith knows this as well, and is opening her human/celestial arms to You. Also know that WE will have a hand in the doing–even more than a hand– for the “celestial arm” will be our own, of course! How could it be otherwise, when we Love You so? Let us enfold You, Beloved. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team

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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

This post is quite a sudden swerve into a topic that is almost the polar opposite of my usual ones. Know that I am feeling the swerve acutely as I write. Usually, I write posts in response to the increasing call I feel from the many who wish to become more “energy sensitive.” I celebrate that, since we are energetic beings, we do create the reflections we call “reality” through our own frequencies, and the “time” to awaken to our sovereignty as creator beings has been at hand for…quite awhile, let’s just say. So, such posts will not stop coming from me, be assured.

Yet I suddenly got a most powerful “hit” (right upside my own head, lol)– that all of this well-deserved attention that’s being showered on those who aspire to become “energy sensitive” –by many of us who already are and so feel the call to do the showering–is neglecting the “energy sensitives” among us who have not been

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8.28.13 Day of Reckoning

This is Yeshuwah. Behold how our voice rings out through a human among You NOW, just as it rang through human voice a little over 2,000 years ago, in what You perceive as “time.” Behold how this voice resonates within You NOW. Recognize that it is not by “chance” that the celestial team has seemingly stepped aside more and more to let its earthly member speak through her human voice, If/when You can hear it and recognize it as your own, then You will know that we have ALWAYS been with You–no, let us be direct–always been PART of You. Only through hearing the truth of that resonance through another human voice can You break through the barriers of conditioned separation to KNOW the truth. There IS no separation. NEVER have You been alone. There is not a single one among You who does not long to remember how Loved h/she is! HELP THEM TO REMEMBER, BELOVED. Where there is Love, there is no violence, for there is no separation. Understand that all beings who commit acts of violence do so from, and in expression of, the anguish of separation that You ALL feel–until You do not. Until you let go, surrender, “fall in Love” once more. Never will you fall anywhere but into LOVE, for Love is all there is. So hear us, through a human voice, feel our Love within You, and know that You, in your human Self, are divine. You are Love, and You are on your planet NOW to REMEMBER.
Feel us in your heart so that ye may know thyself.–Yeshuwah


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

TODAY, I am scrupulously monitoring my thoughts. Although doing so for more than a few minutes at a “time” without getting caught up in them and having to “reset” can still sometimes be a clallenge, TODAY it is not.

TODAY I seem to have surrendered the throne of inner guidance entirely to my heart, and with such ease that I know in my bones that doing so is very important–TODAY. NOW. And in every NOW from this one on.

Why? Because we are energetic beings. Because  thoughts are the seeds of  actions. Because the frequencies of violence manifest as violent actions. Because the degree that any one of us feels justified in giving our energetic suppport to thoughts that judge, blame, hate, or wish harm to another for any “reason” at all  is the degree to which one perpetuates isolation, violence in the world,  and the further fragmentation of humanity.

It is very true that you…

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7.12.13 The Power Toolkit–An Energy Activation & Frequency Lesson from Yeshuwa!

Hello from Judith–and YES, an energy activation and frequency lesson from Yeshuwa! Most unexpected, too, I might add. In fact, I am still a bit stunned by the transmission. Not only did it come “out of the blue,” but the Yeshuwa frequencies are SO incredibly powerful and SO loving that it feels accurate to simply call them…LOVE.

And I am so thrilled and honored to offer them to you. The process of this Power Toolkit’s unfolding has become an absolutely astonishing one to me…

Yesterday is a very good example. I’ve been itching to get the second segment of the Toolkit underway–yet it is those of you who are using the first segment that are in charge of that “timing,” you know! And I’ve been hearing/feeling that it isn’t “time” yet. OK. So, fine. I wait until it is, that’s all.

But yesterday, I suddenly “got” a rather upsetting awareness that did not seem to be mine, even though I felt it palpably. Translated into words, it comes out like this—“There are some who are still not close to ready yet. It is not because the first video does not prepare them! Nor is it because they do not desire to be ready. It is because their desire has not yet burned away their self-doubts enough to transmute into the flame of utter Self-commitment that is required. Until that alchemical process occurs,  they will not find within them the commitment to use the video as a daily practice.”

MAN! That through me for a loop, I’ll tell you. Because it resonated with the exact challenge I’ve experienced in transmitting messages, giving workshops, and even in private sessions, for over three years NOW, in linear time! (Sorry. I do get impatient with this “giving and not being received” dynamic sometimes, I admit….After all, I’m “only human,” just like you…hahaha.)

Anyway, back to the point, which is that the second I felt that old familiar thud of dismay in my gut, I also felt tremendous unrest, energetically, both within me and around me. To use air as a metaphor, I was swept up in a tornado.

Then, just as suddenly, the air became utterly still. I had entered the “eye of the tornado” itself. And in the stillness, I heard/felt Love speak to me.
“Let ME help you, Precious One.”
And the tears poured like water. And I was in front of the webcam, transmitting Yeshuwa’s message. And here you have it.

Yeshuwa’s transmission is short in length, less than ten minutes. It is a dazzling illustration that neither “quantity” nor “quality” can be measured in our old ways. The energy in Yeshuwa’s transmission is beyond measure and without limits. And there is no amount of money that could ever “pay” for its value.

Yeshuwa does use words to teach a potent and eloquent lesson about “frequency signature” (which is exactly what the next sequence of the Power Toolkit will address!). But the video is far, far, more than spoken words. What it actually is, is a HUGE “download” of energy activation, information that is “beyond words,” and LOVE. It is also eternal, in that no matter how often you take it in, it will flood you with all of these things all over again. It is a “perpetual bridge” to carry you across choppy seas and through tornadoes.

*  Press either of the “Donate tabs in the right sidebar, and offer your donation to the Power Toolkit’s reciprocal energy exchange via Paypal (and please DO mark it as either “gift” or “donation!”)
* The amount, monetarily, that resonates with Yeshuwa’s gift is $4.00.
* Once your donation is received, the link will be sent to you within 36 hours.
(And please don’t forget–you can always donate more than the resonant amount! Since I rely on donations to “make ends meet,” I was just reminded to remind you of that, as well…)

By the way, here’s an interesting sidenote about my process of determining the correct monetary amount of exchange. I had, for some reason, imagined that the amount would be $3.00. (After all, the video is short, 3 is a uniting of 2…blah, blah, blah. What the hay, I’m “only human” just like you…hahaha.) However, I was quite firmly directed otherwise by Yeshuwa. “No, Precious One. 4 is the number. 3 is close, but close is not enough.” And then, I GOT it! Of course–the number 4 is the energy of “THE STABILIZER.” (That’s our Yeshuwa!) The number 4 is a cornerstone, and within it are the frequencies that are also required to maintain it–frequencies of practice, repetition, realization of power, instinctual knowledge, preparing for renewal—within our worldly realm.
That’s it, then. $4.00 it is!

Oh, yeah, one last thing. With all the messages, videos, private sessions, group sessions, and NOW the Power Toolkit that keep hatching within and/or flowing through me, I am starting to feel that is “time” to put out a request for some assistance with the “nuts and bolts” of this ever-expanding endeavor. (Or, as the celestial team puts it, I need an “earth team!”) Should YOU be interested in assisting with the external technology (websites and webinars), organizing, bookkeeping, or any number of ways to keep the sailing smooth—as your contribution to the reciprocal energy exchange– bless your heart and PLEASE let me know at thecelestialteam@gmail.com!

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4.20.13 From Yeshuwa

4/20.13  A Message for NOW from Yeshuwa

Please forsake what you read in the newspapers, or what you see in the violent images pulsed to you through your television and computer screens, as your versions of truth!
Please do not allow the media to be your puppet master any longer!
It would grieve us NOW to see YOU allow yourSELF to continue to be enslaved, just as it grieved us over 2,000 years ago, when it was done by the political media of that day.
Let such enslavement end, NOW that YOU are no longer bound to it so tightly by the veils of density. Indeed, you are no longer bound at all.
YOU feel your truth WITHIN YOU, and always have.
NOW is the time to TRUST the truth within YOU, and act from within it!
NOW you are offered a tremendous opportunity–once more– to turn the tides by doing just that. REMEMBER what we have told you! It is COMPASSION, not war, that will be your revolution.
The eye of the needle is within YOU, Beloved. We are there with YOU within it. Together, our power is without limit. And so it is, in the eternal NOW of always.
–Your Yeshuwa
Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

Hello, Beloveds!

Judith here. I got the “celestial nudge” to reblog this because it shares another perspective on the window of expansion we are moving through NOW. It’s a perspective that is less obviously multidimensional, and more simply human, I guess you could say–although it comes from a website that serves as “a bridge into expansion” for quite a wide gamut of followers. Some are already quite operational as multidimensional energetic beings, while some still think of themselves as “only human.”

“Only human!” I heard peals of celestial laughter as I wrote that, I have to tell you. (Which I just love, by the way. It sounds very much like the playing of our crystal bowls.) “ONLY human? Why, it is in BEING human, Beloved, that you are serving the ALL through your very divinity!”

The celestial team sure wants YOUR “human divinity” to be spoken to and “fully honored and served,” all right. So much so that they’re urging me to suggest that you become of a follower of my “earthly website” as well as thiis one (I’m the “earthly member” here, remember?). I’m not all that comfortable doing so, either, as they also know. I have no interest in “promoting myself,” or being perceived as doing so. Of course, they have an answer for that, too.

“And why NOT, Beloved?” they ask me. “What is your problem with promoting your divine Self, in order to serve the ALL?” OK, OK! You can get future blogs from here by pressing the “follow” buttom in the right sidebar, OK? (It IS a good idea, I admit…)

Whew. Anyway, regarding this particular post. It addresses the fear of expanding that many in our human collective still cling to, because of the duality programming of the old paradigm.The fear is that expanding beyond what is known means LOSS of what is known, rather than MORE! It’s that old “either/or thinking,” you know….it’s done such a number on stifling human growth for a very long. time. Even though it isn’t logical, even though it’s already been proven by physicists that expansion is incliusive and therefore contains the all within it….Man, that fear-programming is very deeply rooted, and still heavily fed by our media, etc.

But it is spring NOW, and what a spring it is!!! “Time” to grow freely at last, the way ALL life on our planet is born and called to do. (Including me, obvviously…)
♥ Judith

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Here we are, moving through our Spring Equinox of 2013 already!  We are moving out of the dormant stage of winter, and into the new growth of spring.  I say “we” because the seasons we see around us are also our own. We are not separate from our planet, you know–we live here! We grow here, just as all earthly life does! And, like all earthly life, we do so in rhythm with the seasons.
Spring is a time of expansion into NEW life. It is not a repeat of the old. A walk in nature illustrates that most obviously. We see NEW life being born, and NEW growth sprouting everywhere. Even our trees, many of whom have been here far longer than we have, are sprouting NEW leaves. For our spirits, it is also a time to grow NEW leaves, and to give birth to NEW versions and visions of ourselves.
That is what I invite you…

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3.19.13 Video from the celestial team- You Are Here to Spin Gold!

3/19/13  Love/Light Video from the celestial team

Hello, Beloveds-

This is Judith. You know, everytime I begin a message to you on my own–I mean, one that that isn’t a transmission from the celestial team–I still can’t  address you in any other way than “Beloveds!” Makes me wonder just how “on my own” I ever am…or whether any of us ever are. Actually, it doesn’t make me wonder. That was yesterday (or last year, or last lifetime). NOW I know we are never alone. Nor are we “only” the singular, embodied “selves” we have come to identify ourSelves as. There’s way more to “us” than meets the eye!

But NOW I’m digressing (just like the celestial team, with their multidimensional perspectives…oh, lordy…) Anyway, back to the point, which is to bring you their (or our, whatever!) NEW video. It was made in the energies of our Spring Equinox by design, for it will support us in acclimating to them over the next weeks–or rather, in acclimating to ourSelves within them. This will serve us greatly as we move through linear time towards our Summer Solstice, for we’ll also be moving more fully into re-membering ourSelves as multidimensional energetic beings. We will begin to adjust to  experiencing our physically embodied “self” as a projection of our vaster multidimensional  Self– but a very, very important projection!

In the video, “The Speakers,” a 12th dimensional collective of the celestial team, steps forward to transmit powerfully clear information about exactly that, through both words and frequencies. The purpose of their message is to “orient us” to our place in the universe and our own magnificent purpose as phyically embodied beings on our planet at this time. It was a profoundly moving experience to bring through their energy, and I’d love to describe it to you, but words fail me. Authoritative, calm, strong, kind, electrically alive, activating, empowering, reassuring, honoring…those words are the best I can come up with, but they just don’t cut it. The Speakers’ energies feel like more than all of those words put together, plus more than we even have words for yet.

The frequencies of their message are designed to be “synergistic with the energies of our equinox” (their description), yet it was also by design that they did not mention that. The reason they gave me is that “everyone finds their own equinox within them, and can experience it at any ‘time,’ and as many ‘times’ as they wish to.”

All righty, then! Enough trying to describe the video, since it will be a different experience for each one of you, anyway. The link is below. En-joy!  En-joy Loving yourSelf, en-joy weaving your golden compassion, and…
“Sing ‘Joy to the World,’ Beloved,” the celestial team chimes in, “and know that you sing of what YOU are.” And so it is.

What Are You Doing on Planet Earth? Spinning Gold.



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