3.10.13 Message and Video About Your Power, Your Tools, and YOU- from the Frequency Technicians!

3/10/13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Greetings Beloved!

We are the Frequency Technicians of the celestial team, and it is with great honor that we transmit our frequencies to you through the words of this written message.  We do so in order to reintroduce you to Part 3 in the series of Power Tool Videos that were first transmitted a year ago. Our purpose then was to prepare you for the crossing of your recent threshold at 12/21/12. Our purpose NOW is to prepare you for processing and fully utilizing the integrative energies you will soon receive from your universe during Spring Equinox.

In the video we are suggesting that you absorb NOW, we bring you what you might call a “big picture,” or cosmic context of your power, in order to assist you in claiming all of it, and thus grounding it firmly into your own energy grid. As you know, your NEWly re-discovered power tools are energetic, in alignment with your NEWly rediscovered experience of yourSelf as an energetic being. That said, you understand that how you direct your energy, based on your intent, is the very conduit of your power, and so a major power tool, in itself. Therefore, the energy through which you own your power is what will activate it, and in turn, the awareness that you have fully intended and committed to doing so is what will lead you to use your power tools consciously, responsibly, and masterfully.

If you choose to watch the video “openly,” meaning “open to receive” more than what your eyes see and your ears hear, you will find it to be quite a rich mutidimensional experience, packed with far more information than is expressed through the words, alone, and laced with frequencies that will activate even more awareness each time you watch it. Your “place” in the universe, your “mission,” how to align with your power, as well as several power tools, are all there for you to access, to whatever extent you choose to.

It is our hope that you will choose to access all of them, for the energies of your approaching equinox will assist you in integrating everything you have learned since your last solstice. While you may have been feeling overwhelmed by all the NEWness of this NEW Paradigm you have entered, the equinox energies will bring you clarity and a NEW sense of being powerfully NEW, yourSelf. The information in the video will assist you with that, to the extent you choose to use it.

To amplfy that assistance, we suggest that you focus on taking the video into your first chakra, located at the base of your spine, and then into the soles of your feet, as well. If you use this suggestion “openly” so that you feel the energy move through you and settle in your spine and feet, know that you will have activated an alchemical process that you might call “em-power-ment” within you, and we suggest that you drink plenty of water over the next 24 to 48 of your hours. This will assist the process, particularly the flushing out of any toxic beliefs about being “powerless” that may have been stored at the cellular level. To the extent that you take in the video energetically, these old beliefs will be loosened, in order to be replaced by your choice to re-claim your power. The water will facilitate their movement through and out of you as waste, and so prevent the sort of temporary “ascension symptoms,” as you call them, that can result otherwise.
And NOW, we give you the link–

POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW, part 3


We wish to end our transmission by “telling” you what a great pleasure it is to engage with you. We look forward to the privilege of doing so again as you watch the video. The celestial team will NOW join us to bid you a temporary (albeit illusiory), adieu. Although we have presented what we call “a solo” in this particular message, the orchestra of the ALL that we are has, of course, been with us the whole time– and never would any of the ALL of us allow a message to end without joining as One to “say”–

We Love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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