“The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek.”

The title of this message is a quote by Joseph Campbell, and this is Judith. The celestial team and I haven’t posted an entry for quite awhile, I know…or do I? Maybe we posted one in the time/space that seems like “recently” to you, while to me it seems like a “long time ago.”

All I do know is that I’ve been so completely engaged in some very sharp and sudden twists and hairpin turns in what I thought was my “reality” that I haven’t been able to even conceptualize it, let alone write about. it.  And I still can’t (ha!), but I suddenly felt compelled to write about that…even though I don’t know what “that” is… although I do know it has something to do with caves and treasures, because I was also compelled to begin this post with Joseph Campbell’s quote…

Now there’s an insight into whatever the “that” is that I’m writing about–I used to choose quotes, and now quotes are choosing me! And I got it. What I’m writing about is how, over the past few weeks, “reality” does not conform to my expectations at all. Nor do I. Instead, “reality” has taken the lead, entirely, and I’m just following along as best I can.

Much of the time, the “reality” I create is not the one I intended to. Neither do I behave in alignment with my intentions. Meaning, I’ll upset my own applecart, break my own heart, walk into a castle and turn it into a cave.

This is not only messy, heartbreaking, and disorienting, but it feels so crazy that I question my own motives...and if I can’t trust myself, who can I trust? And thank heavens, here’s the celestial team to take the reigns of this runaway post before it goes over the edge completely–

Ah, Beloved! We wanted our Judith to share her “felt experience” as an earthly human before we shared our perspective for two reasons. Firstly, if her experience resonates with your own in even the slightest way, then You will receive our transmission in a more personal, experiential way. Secondly, because what her experience illustrates is how illusionary your “perceived reality” is, and how “crazy” the process of expanding beyond it often seems.

When one moves “out of time” for example, there is no linear ordering of experience. One can, indeed, enter a castle that becomes a cave. That is because it is not the form of the castle that You seek, but the frequencies You associate with that form. And sometimes, those frequencies can only be found in a cave. Sometimes, the very treasure You seek is one that You must go through your inner cave to find.

Sometimes, in order to BE LOVE, one must find the buried aspects of Self that are NOT loved and so manifest as “unloving.” Sometimes, the only way to find them is to excavate them through the explosives You call “drama.” And although we do not condone “drama” as a way of being, such explosions  often accompany the chaos that is the very process of transformation, itself.

Therefore, Beloved, we ask You to be very gentle with yourSelf as you approach your equinox. Suspend all judgments. The jury is not only out… it is GONE.

Recognize yourSelf as a human being who is stepping into LOVE, and so creating any event necessary that will uncover every hidden aspect of yourSelf that needs to be Loved. We have heard your term for such aspects as they surface. You say, “He, or she, has ‘demons.’ ”

Please do not use that term any longer. Such aspects are only demonstrating their terror at being cast out as “unlovable.” So LOVE your “demons.” It is only through doing so that they will become your greatest allies in not only finding, but BECOMING, the very treasure that You seek. 

 You are in a process of metamorphosis, from believing yourSelf to be a “merely human being” into reclaiming yourSelf as a Divinely Human Being. It may help You to remember this by keeping the metaphor of a caterpillar in mind. Just imagine how appalled it would be at finding the embodiment it called “self” turn to churning liiquid,  if it judged that process! Just imagine how traumatic such a metamorphosis would be if entered with the energy of fear!

Trust the chaos, Beloved. It is not simply a butterfy that You are transforming into. You are becoming a Monarch.

How we love You! Always and in All Ways, and most especially your amazing caterpillar Self, who alone in the universe holds the power for such total transformation. — the celestial team 


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