8.28.12 Your Amazing Imagination!

8/28/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with frequencies of joy, Beloved!

Yes, here we are again to connect with you, and our frequencies are absolutely fizzing with the joy we feel in doing so. Oh, we tell you that we surely are like one of your champagne bottles, in this moment! All stirred up with excited anticipation, and then “popped free” to fizz out into your solar system and be channeled straight to you! That is surely a delightful metaphor for our experience of beginning a written message to you, is it not? And it is quite an apt one, at that!

Here is what happens: We become excited with our own anticipation, which soon is felt by the “vessel” that will receive and translate our transmission into words. (That would be our Judith– the champagne bottle!) Then, our frequencies build up even more fizz as she holds them within her and gets herself ready at her own transmitting device, her computer. Then, fingers on the keyboard, she “pops the cork,” as it were, and out we fizz–right through her and straight to you! Can you feel us?

The reason this metaphor is a good one, and useful to you, is not because it describes the actual quantum mechanics that enable our written transmissions to reach you. It is useful because it provides you with an image that can connect you with feeling our frequencies as we connect with you! And so, we ask you again– using the image of seeing us fizzing out of our “champagne bottle” and through the words you are reading– can you feel us? Can you FEEL us exploding in joy all around you and in you right NOW?

Well, you CAN—if you allow your imagination to serve you, that is! And, if you just did and you are, we will tell you that it is not because you used your imagination to create the feeling of us. It is because you used your imagination to access the feeling of us. There is a very important difference between the two, and we wish to call your attention to that NOW, so that you can expand your awareness accordingly and immediately.

You see, we are always accessible. You don’t need to wait for our messages or our videos to connect with us. You can always call on us whenever you want—and we will be there, and listening, within the very moment you call. However, it is your imagination that allows you to feel us with you, and so make your experience of us “real” to you. That is why we have presented you with the imagery we have in this message—to activate your imagination to receive us!

For those who read our messages and believe they CANNOT access us through their imaginations, it is only because of the indoctrination that you all have, to some extent or another, been imprisoned by– that the imagination is not to be trusted. Such indoctrination has pervaded your planet for aeons. Indeed, your collective has been programmed to believe that the imagination is a frivolous distraction from “reality,” at the least–and often a dangerous one. Therefore, we understand any hesitations that some may have in deciding to trust it NOW.

How often have you been told that your inner visions, perceptions, inspirations–and awarenesses of anything at all that could not be explained by 3rd dimensional methods –were “nothing but your imagination?” How often have you been taught to dismiss your “daydreams” as nothing more than useless flights of fancy, and “time-wasting” ones at that? Please understand. Nothing could be further from YOUR truth.

We tell you that such dismissals of the imagination were only designed to keep you locked into the limitations of the 3rd dimension.
We tell you that your imagination is the most powerful gateway to accessing information that you have. Neither your five 3D senses, nor the 3D operational system of your brain, can even come close to serving your curiosity as your imagination can!

We will tell you right NOW that your imagination is far more trustworthy than your “facts,” or your “theories,” could ever be. We will also tell you that it is safe, NOW, to use it. Trust us, Beloved. It is SAFE. Your imagination is freely yours again. So understand its power, and use  it freely, joyfully, and responsibly.
What do you think your imagination is, anyway? Has it ever been defined on your planet? Of course not. It is beyond definition. It is even beyond what your quantum physicists have begun to grasp, as yet. Your imagination, Beloved, is the tool that was given to you in order to access your very SELF –both within you and without you. Your imagination is also the tool you use to imagine your very life into being!

So begin to use it NOW. Daydream! Imagine how it would feel to live in your wildest, most wonderful dreams! It will feel like play and nothing more at first, and yes, the programming of the old paradigm might prompt you to “think” that it is “a waste of time.” Do not listen to that programming! Instead, trust your own, magical, ability to dream—and watch what begins to happen.

Watch how your own reality begins to change. Watch how the higher frequencies of your dreams begin to change your very perceptions of reality, even when the reality itself has not changed in any apparent way! Or, has not yet changed, would be the more accurate way to put it. Keep dreaming, nonetheless, and enjoying the feeling of your dreams! Then, notice the change.

Do not limit yourself with thoughts of what is not changing, any longer. Release yourSelf from such treadmills of limitation! Instead, use your imagination to expand beyond them—and NOTICE THE CHANGE.

Your shamans have said for centuries that you “dream yourselves into being.” Your shamans are right. So, dream away, Beloved! NOW is your time to dream your true, divine Self INTO being!
We celebrate the amazing power you have to do so! And we cheer you on with unrestrained and fizzy excitement as you do!

We love you. Always and in All Ways— the celestial team


Copyright(c)2011-2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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