4.23.11 Behold the Unity Consciousness Among You–Look to Your Freeways !

4/23/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We wish to share the frequencies of admiration and awe we feel for you at this moment.

You truly are an amazing collective. You move us deeply with your devoted connectedness and your great capacity to love. You inspire our awe, and always have. No matter how intensely you are programmed to fear one another, you never loose the common thread that integrates you as ONE. You are great teachers, and an inspiration to your universe.

As we experience the “striving” frequencies emanating from so many of you now, we trace their source in you to a belief that you have to somehow BE better than you are. We understand. You receive many suggestions from all over about what to do differently, we realize, and they can fuel your sense of feeling small as easily as they can provide you with the keys to your vastness. Your earnestness moves us deeply.

Much like in your cartoons, you might say a “lightbulb went off over our heads” about this! It is challenging for those of us who give you guidance to remember that you do not see yourselves as we do! Although you are still in the process of realizing your golden mastery, to us, it is a given. We watch you use it powerfully ALL THE TIME. You do not have to “be” anything other than you already ARE. We want only for you to RECOGNIZE YOURSELVES.

We will give you an example. Through your current perspective, your galaxy would likely seem to be much like an incredibly intricate freeway system, with constant “rush hour” traffic moving at speeds you cannot yet even imagine. To you, departure and arrival would often seem as instantaneous.
Yet to us, the flow you accomplish in YOUR freeway systems are like nothing less than an “act of God,” as you would put it! YOU travel in density. You encase your vulnerable physical bodies in high velocity vehicles made of steel and metal, and you travel collectively, relying only on your mastery to insure the safety of all. We marvel at the billions of you who travel together daily in this way, and do so in mutual trust and collaboration. The amount of “accidents” that occur are astoundingly minimal, and the only ones that DO occur at all are also a collaboration amongst you.

We marvel at this, and your universe learns from you as you simply drive your car around! Know that all that makes these freeway systems of yours work is your mastery as a collective. As you drive, you are tuning into one another. You communicate. You help one another avoid lapses in judgement.
You support one another. Even when you “think” you do not, even when your “emotions” rail against the others, the truth of you is united with, and working with, the ALL.

And when you see another in trouble, you stop to help. When an ambulance blares through your collective traveling, all pull aside, because one of you is in trouble. There doesn’t even need to be a law to uphold this. It is innate. You cannot help it, you cannot be otherwise. You are ONE. We honor the power of your indestructible connectedness.

So we say to you, you do not have to change. Simply notice what you already are! The next time you are on the freeway, FEEL the energy that runs it, and you will find yourself amazed at what you all do together. All that is needed now is to do it consciously.

We honor you.¬† –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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