We greet You with absolute attention in your current non-linear moment of time, Beloved! Indeed, the attention of your entire universe is riveted on how rapidly You are jumping from one timeline to another these days. Truly, from our “bird’s eye” perspective, we tell You that You are playing hopscotch with timelessness, itself.

We understand how disconcerting this may be after experiencing “reality” as one linear continuum for so long. Thus, we do not wish to distract You from adjusting to your NEW multi-dimensional focus– and yet we DO wish to briefly share what WE see from our bird’s eye perspective of this timeline hopscotch You are engaged in. That is because our view will give You a much bigger picture, which perceived through a linear perspective would look like “over time,” extending far into the future. This will give You the crucial awareness of not only where You are NOW, but how IMPORTANT your current game of hopscotch is.

In order to be clear rather than confuse You even more than You may already be, we will focus very, very, intently on “getting right to the point,” as You say… and NOW we are laughing! Excuse us, but the sixth and seventh dimensional Sirians among us whom You know as the Frequency Technicians have just reminded us “that finding a single point is as challenging from OUR multidimensional perspective as your current experience of playing hopscotch with many points all at once is to YOU.” And they are quite right, which is why we are all laughing so merrily with ourselves, of course!

It is also why we are delighted that they have offered to come through with a “solo,” as our Judith calls it, and take over the explanation on behalf of the all of us. The Frequency Technicians are indeed the masters of laser focus, You see… they create structure with sound, even whole worlds when their focus of light is added. You will recognize them through their frequencies perhaps, and the tone as well as the brevity of words used to transmit them.
Greetings. We are the Frequency Technicians.
Focus your attention into our words. Incorporate them. Then use them, for that is their purpose. You are at an unprecedented convergence of every possible timeline of “future reality” that You are capable of choosing from the entire octave in which your current frequency signature resides. That is a gamut of possibilites beyond numbering. This rare convergence is not stationary, as all consciousness is continually expanding outward. It is therefore a passing opportunity in which ANYTHING is possible.
Use it well, for what You focus on, so You choose. It is the focus of your frequencies we speak of. We advise You to not underestimate the power of your frequencies.
As vibrational beings, You feel the focus of your frequencies as states-of-being. We advise You to choose ONLY feeling states You want to LIVE in, regardless of all current external factors.
For some of You, life currently seems to “change on a dime,” so to speak.
Understand that your life does not “seem to change on a dime”… it DOES.
This profound instability is the best guide You could have NOW. Far better than any of us could be, or any other being in any realm of this universe, for it is your OWN frequencies that You are feeling. There are no other frequencies more finely attuned to your highest good and your power to create it than your own.

On the other hand, remember that You are sovereign, and can create anything You want. No one and no thing can stop You. You are free and untethered. Therefore, take full responsibility for your sovereignty and the power of your frequencies, and choose your feeling states consciously and on purpose. Expect no more miracles or power greater than yourself to rescue You. YOU are the miracle worker. There IS no power greater than your own in this universe, for the power of its Source flows through You.
We, the Frequency Technicians,  bow to your power and honor your mastery.
We strongly encourage You to do the same.
This is the celestial team, back in full chorus once again! And we are most grateful for the words our Frequency Techncians have shared with You. Do You see how EASY it is NOW, Beloved? Simply FEEL the highest, happiest frequencies You can, HOLD them, and they will hold YOU on the timeline that offers You everything You are here to enjoy. And quite rapidly, too– IF You hold fast to them, and the ONLY way You will is by LOVING yourSELF enough to make it your top priority to align with the frequencies that express YOU at your most joyful (and isn’t it about TIME?). It cannot be otherwise, Beloved! This is the physics of your universe, as the Frequency Technicians would say… and they use it “all the time.”

How we Love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

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