8.3.12 Video–Your Tools of Ascension–The Shift is NOW!

8/3/12 Love/Light Video from Judith and the celestial team

Hello, Beloved!

First of all, this is Judith, not the celestial team, who’s addressing you that way. I’m sure its because their energies are fizzing and hovering around me so intensely as I write that I can’t think of you as anything but “Beloved,” either! The purpose of this message is to share the link to their latest video with you.  They’re all fizzy about doing that because it offers we earthlings some very important information at this critical moment of our shift in the summer of 2012. In the video, the celestial team explains the three essential power tools we need to use RIGHT NOW—and how to use them RIGHT NOW.

Why the rush? Because, as they put it, “the shift” is happening NOW. The time to fully embrace and step into our New Paradigm of Being is NOW–and how, how much, and even if we do it at all–is entirely up to each one of us, on an individual basis.

As I’m quite sure you know, we are in extremely powerful and rapidly moving energies of change NOW. To choose not to use them would be, in effect, to choose not to “shift”–or ascend, or expand, or however you language your heart’s desire on this planet NOW. Whatever you call it, it is the reason you have chosen to be here at this “time” of evolutionary, revolutionary, cosmic change. And because you (as is every one of us) are Sovereign, YOU are completely in charge of your own shift.

YOWZA, I say. And believe me, that’s no understatement. Because this is IT. (Thanks, MJ!) THIS IS IT. This is YOUR SHOW, as the celestial team says, and YOU are the star. So, let it rise! Watch the video, drink in the frequencies, and USE them. Practice using the three tools every day (evey moment!). Reset when you forget (That happens often at first, so don’t get discouraged!)– and you will ascend– because using these tools is the process of ascension itself.

Oh, and here’s an important reminder I just got “prompted” to pass on to you!  If you let them, the celestial team will connect with you energetically as you watch,  giving you additional, personalized information and “energy tune-ups” through their frequencies. So please drink a lot of water after watching–or better yet, start sipping while you’re watching! Your body will be processing their energetic re-alignments, and as toxic, old programs get broken down at the cellular level, the water will greatly help to flush them out of your body as quickly as possible!

NOW! Ready, center, watch, sip– and GO!


And, as always–much, much, Love/Light to you!


Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

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