On the Radio, Again! Sunday 5/4– And You Can Call Us, Too!

This is Judith, letting you know that the celestial team and I have been asked to be the guest on Moonlighting by Numbers again this Sunday evening (5/4) from 6:00 to 7:30 pm, pst.


We’ll be sharing the most important information that those of us who are also embodied in human form on the planet we call Earth need to know right NOW about “2014, Our Year of Integration “… which just happens to be that we’re in the part of it that is the biggest crossroads of our human lifetimes, that’s all! Which is why nothing feels quite “the same” any more. Which is why NEW perceptions and actions are required in order to make the unprecedented  “quantum leap” we are supported in making right NOW. In other words, we have to be in alignment with it– “a frequency match,” in order to jump. (Or not, of course, as we are sovereign beings who do not jump at the calling of anyone  except ourSelves.)

The celestial team is most desirous of connecting with all who do wish to make the jump, however, and in every and all ways you will receive them. That’s because this is THE leap they have, over the past four years, been doing their best to prepare us for– the leap into an entirely NEW Paradigm of Being. So on the show, we’ll be offering “the latest” on this transformational crossroads, as well as HOW to navigate it, and we’ll also be answering questions from callers about the information we share. So do tune in and give us a call, why don’t you?

The celestial team, of course,  already KNOWS who’ll be listening and what questions need answering, so whatever comes out of MY mouth will already be addressing them. Yet, they so love– oh, never mind! Here’s the celestial team, lol– they want to tell you what they love!

Beloved,  we SO love to hear You through your human voice! Of course we will answer your question, whether You channel it through words and voice or not. But to hear your frequencies through your voice not only thrills us, but amplifies our ability to answer You in a way that is most resonant with your frequencies, and so consciously receivable by You.  So DO “tune in and give us a call, why don’t You?”

Judith again. So there you have it. All I’m being  prompted to add is that the celestial team and I will be offering an entire series of Telegatherings throughout the rest of 2014, in “right timing” with the energies, in order to assist you in using them in the sequential, alchemical, order in which they arrive… to support your leap into this unprecedented paradigm shift that the energies of 2014 are offering us! I’ll be posting them on this site as they come to me, so if you are a “follower,” you’ll get them right away via email.

That’s all for NOW. Talk to you Sunday, maybe!

Talk to You Sunday, maybe! How we LOVE You, Beloved.  Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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