4.20.11 Release the Old Habits of Struggle and Get “Modern!”

4/20/11 Love/Light Messages from the celestial team

We “stop in” eagerly to mingle some playful energies of extreme importance with your own!

We hope you will allow us to lovingly tease you a little, for our play is not a frivolous waste of your time but what you would call “intelligent play.” “Important play.” We see many of you taking yourselves very seriously now, and when you do that, you fall into old patterns of self-importance
that burden you with thoughts that tire you, but do not serve. We know you are feeling the flaring energy of Helios, as well as the flaring energies in your collective, as well as your own “inner flares.”

A lot of energy at your service, indeed! Yet in response, some of you are thinking, “I AM UP AGAINST A LOT right now.” We hear you! We want to catch you from going down THAT old road any further, for it is an old road, indeed, and will lead you to nothing new. It is the road of feeling victimized, alone, and continuously weighted down with struggle. It is a road of habit, nothing more.
The energy you are feeling IS powerful, and it IS at your service.

You are up against NOTHING right now. Nor will you ever be again, for there is no “up against.” There is no battle, and no struggle, unless you invent it for yourself. You are sovereign, and free to see and experience the world as you choose. We remind you again of your quantum physicists, who
have already exposed the truth of that. Their many experiments with waves and particles of energy have shown that energy holds the inherent possibility to be both wave and particle, and can manifest as either, and switch between the two in less than a nanosecond. Most importantly, the quantum
experiments have shown that the way this energy manifests depends on the consciousness, or intention, of the observer.

Have you kept up with these discoveries? If so, you are well aware that it is your own consciousness that determines what you choose to see, which in turn determines what you will create. What, then, is feeling “up against” besides  delusional? Now we play with you, for it is only playfully that we would confront you with such a potent awareness. Still we “bring it home” one more time: If a delusion is a false belief that is held in spite of invalidating evidence, then a belief that you are “up against” something is delusional, as your science has proven that it is your own consciousness that creates your experience. If you are “up against” anything then, it can only be yourself. Correct?

We ask you to let go of your delusions, and get “modern!” Much of what you have lived by up until this moment in time has been delusional, and it is only your belief in delusions that maintain them. You see? By projecting your power as well as your lack of self-love onto others, you have created delusional world. You have also lived in a “dissociated state.” This is another of the labels you have used to disempower one another, is it not? Yet it means nothing more than “a state of separation.”

We suggest that you stop throwing mud at one another only to make the one you see as other look muddier than you, if you want to live in a cleaner world. We suggest that you stop blaming violence for your own violence, if you want a peaceful world.

We suggest you stop struggling altogether!  Clear the debris off your own light, and  look to the beauty in your world.  Marvel at the bounty of compassion that already keeps it alive in the face of all else. Know that YOU are the one that transforms waves of possibilities into particles of reality, you’ll be updating yourself into “modern times,” and all of the miracles inherent within this most unprecedented and modern time.

Ah, Masters, clear the fog and the mud from your eyes! Breathe deeply, and look around with your new and ancient vision! You have traveled long to get here. No evaluations based on the past as you know it will serve you any longer. Do not struggle to hold onto limitations. Look back at how
Galileo was fought against for daring to say that the world was not flat, but round! See that for what it was, and do not fight against the discoveries of the time you are in NOW. Be modern! Be NOW! Be alive again!

We love you. We see your spirits awakening, but you are MIGHTY in your beliefs. You can squelch your spirits with them and struggle for awhile longer, or put your might behind your spirits and go quantum in a breath. Align with your spirits, for spirit is what you are, and in truth, that is what you long to do. It cannot be otherwise.

We are always and in all ways at your service.  — the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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