An Awful and Glorious Thing

Hello, Beloved! We asked our Judith to share her poignant tale with you because it richly illustrates SO MUCH of what we share with you through our messages–and all through one, deeply felt, human experience. You will find it to be a fine example of the Laws of Resonance at work, for one thing! Also, of the interconnection, and so interdependency, of all earth creatures–which of course, includes the human ones. And, of the importance of reaching out to one another–whether as an act of asking to receive, or as an act of giving–AND of the importance of responding. Whether to offer help to one who asks, or to acknowledge the receiving of what one has given, this IS a critical part of sovereign responsibility– response-ability in action. It is also a very important topic for discussion, for it pertains to caring for the energy circuits that run between you, so we will pick that up very soon! For NOW, simply take in this human tale, and feel all that you can within it that deepens, clarifies, opens, affirms, and/or expands your own understanding. Then, both ground your insights and return the energy given by our Judith in this post by RESPONDING. Share yourself in the comment section, as she has shared herself with You. And then…see/feel the meaning and power of being a Sovereign, Response-able Being  for YourSelf!
We love you.  Always and in All Ways–the celestial team.


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

5.20.13  An Awful and Glorious Thing

Yesterday morning, I was out on my front patio in the sunshine, planting seeds and flowers.  Of  course, the first phase of my project required that I make space for all of these new little lives by clearing out what was no longer alive. And so I did, being very careful not to disturb any plants that were still living, no matter how long and spindly their stems had become. I was amazed at how much joy this simple act was giving me–this  welcoming of new life to grow around me!  That is, until the awful happened.

There is a pot that I’d  hung years ago from a tree branch that graciously extends itself over my front patio. I fill it with flowers. Every spring, I prune them (oh so gently!), and add some new ones to the mix. This spring, however, when I glanced up at the pot while raking fallen leaves, I was…

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