2.22.14 Musings from the Stew of Love

Ah, Beloved!
Never doubt the wisdom within You, nor how much You teach those of us in the higher realms as You open to explore and express your awakenings to your deeper truths. We tell You that we have gained more in our own expansion through the privilege of receiving the channelings of “one of your own” as she transmiitted this post than You can imagine– yet!
How creative, how clever, how heartfelt– how RICH You all are, in your capacity to FEEL your way into your own divinity! What a glorious and nourishing “Stew of Love” such a gift brings to your universe.
How we love YOU! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

WHY is it so “hard” to see that the most precious gifts we bring to one another are our differences? Why are we so AFRAID to receive the rich expansions we offer one another?

In this amazing stew that is our human collective…WHY do we pretend that we are NOT in it… and actually confuse pretending with “reality?” Ha. (It does sound kinda funny, you have to admit.)

Of course, wearing my psychotherapist hat from a sytem’s perspective, I’d identify it as “massive, socially-induced denial at the global scale.” From a psychodynamic perspective, it would be “attachment disorder resulting from narcisisstic jury.” I could go on. There are a wholelot of theories, and a whole lot of “experts” playing this game of fear, you know! All trying to do the same thing their “patients” are, which is to “pretend” that tbeyare notin the soup. So blah…

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