8.3.14 The Secret to Getting Unstuck- Reciprocal Energy Exchange

Hello Beloved!

Oh, how we are feeling your earth move beneath your feet and though your being as we transmit our frequencies to You in this moment of your illusion of linear time! Know, as well, that your entire universe is trembling with You… as You are being “shaken awake,” shall we say? Shaken into recognizing the truth that nothing You knew so comfortably applies anymore.

Even more wonder-full, shaken OUT of what we would call “compliance.” Compliance with following old agendas, protocols, ways of “pretending to be,” is what we mean. Oh, out on a limb You are NOW, that is no longer deniable. And we will tell You that our Judith is shaking in her sandles as well, in this very moment! She feels so far out on your old paradigm limb that she is sure it will give way.
She is right.

We will let her show You why.

This is Judith.
There was a movie called “The Secret.” It was foreplay for some. For those who clung to the Law of Attraction as THE Law of the Universe, however, I have learned that it became a distraction from empowerment. It is, indeed, a universal law, and so an excellent introduction to energy dynamics. However, to a master of the Laws of Energy, it is “small claims court.”  Do not get stuck there.

Bravo, we say to that.

First of all, it is not a secret.


In the so-called physical world, we know that seemingly solid objects are mostly space in which a few nano-particles spin wildly in order to create the energy pattern of physical form. (That is very old news, actually, as it became scientific “fact” well over a century ago.) We also know all about how to use focused energy to generate movement (and that is even older news).

Isn’t it astounding, then, how many still hold onto the wildly illogical belief that, since they are physical beings, they are not energetic beings? Even more fascinating– these same beings also hold the belief that money is “real!”

Yet, if they/you/me were to live in a dwelling made of money, it would be nothing but paper and bits of metal, and soon washed away by the energy patterns of weather.
I don’t know about you, but that sounds like poverty to me.

Obviously money is nothing more than a symbol of energy exchange!
To study the way we use money can teach us much about what we already know about ourselves as energetic beings.
Even more importantly, it can illuminate the choices we make about what we invest our energy in.

Energy requires circulation, reciprocity, in order to not become stagnant. It requires “investment,” in other words. If you invest in a holding pattern, for example, just watch how powerful you are! You’ll create a feedback loop that will, in turn, create the best glue the universe can provide to keep you there.

If you are feeling stuck, NOTICE what you invest your energy in! Thoughts, beliefs, actions… notice what emotions you run on a feedback loop that is self-generating. What story about Molecular Thoughtsyourself are you investing in? Whatever it is, recognize that YOU are the generator, you are creating more of it, and no way could it be otherwise.

This is subtle stuff, discerning and tracking energy patterns, especially if one is not used to attuning to them. I know. Be patient and stay the course. It is critical NOW, for your own happiness if nothing else (which is also everything).
For that reason, it will be a big topic at the August Energy Tele-Gathering. If you want some powerful support and/or have questions that you need answers to, here’s where to receive both–

August Energy Tele-Gathering , 8/17 from 5 p.m until 6:30 p.m PSTD.
To register, press the “donate” tab, offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $15.00,
designated as “gift”– August Energy Tele-Gathering.
The phone number for wherever on the planet you are as well as the entry code will be sent to you a week we before we gather.

This is the celestial team. Beloved, we tell You that nothing you have learned is relevant NOW. What it did was prepare You for receiving NOW. That is, and has always been true. NOW is a process, not a “moment in time.”

But the NOW You have moved into is unprecedented. In this NOW, You must fly into NEW, with your own wings. NO prior experiences will be useful tools of interpretation.  You must trust the way your wings feel the currents of the energy, and fly with them.  Notice that…and so trust yourSELF. 

How we love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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