MORE Tips From Within the NEW!


Hello, Beloved! We will not tarry with our transmission, as it needs to be a “quickie,” as our Judith calls it, which we find both charming and correct. We only wish to add the reason why it is correct, as some may still think of the old linear, crowded “things to do list,” of which each “thing” must be checked off as quickly as possible. Ah, but that is NOT the reason NOW in the NEW Energies that wil resonate You into an entirely NEW Paradigm of Being!  NOW, it is all about FLOWING WITH your OWN energy in accordance with its/your own continual expansion. The tempo of your flow is always changing. Sometimes it slows, sometimes it quickens, sometimes it ebbs. It is the flow of YOUR energies as they harmonize and dance with the NEW energy You are in that sets your pace NOW. Remember that Beloved, and do not worry about “setting schedules and making lists” any longer. NOW, just as your birds catch the current of the energy and FLY in them, so can YOU.
Well, that was quite a “Tip From Within the NEW” already, was it not? Indeed, it was. And so, we give You to our Judith. She will “flesh it out,” as only You divinely human beings can!

This is Judith… to say WHAT, I have no idea anymore, since everything I was going to say, you just read in a richly encoded nutshell! All I can “flesh out” about that is something you already know– to receive all of that information, you have to tune into the FREQUENCIES encoded in the words. The same is true about getting into your own energy flow in order to harmonize with, dance with, and FLY on the currents of our NEW energy miliue– you (me, we all) have to know our OWN FREQUENCIES to do that.

And about doing that, the very best thing I can do for you is direct you to the newest, most alive, most current NEW in-the-moment information about stepping into the NEW that I (and the celestial team,of course, nudge, wink) have to offer in this particular NOW–

1. The NEW ENERGY TELE-GATHERINGS are packing a wallop of energetic activations, NEW perspectives and PRACTICAL tools to use NOW into each teeny 100 minute or so segment, the last of which will be this Sunday, 5/24 at 4:00 p.m. pstd. Recordings of the prior three are also available. To participate in Sunday and/or receive recordings, just click the link at the top of the site and you’ll be walked right through to receiving whatever you ask for in less than two minutes.

2. Not only that, but the celestial team and I will be LIVE on the radio this Thursday at 1:00 p.m. pstd! Maartin Horst has asked us to be his guest(s) on his weekly online show, ET-First Contact, and we will be delighted, because we have a LOT to say about the NEW energies. We also want to reach as many who wil listen as possible right NOW, because the confluence of the energies we are in NOW is the “choice point” we’ve been preparing for, and is also one that will never come again. So tune in! And have no doubt, the celestial team will feel your frequencies, so tell them your questions ahead of time. Just call on them and they’ll be right there listening. And then, YOU listen for their answers in the broadcast– they will be there.
Here’s the direct link to the show:

Hope to feel you with us in both of these experiences. Let’s all stay attuned!

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What you seek is seeking you
— Rumi
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