9.16.12 New Moon, New Paradigm, and Celestial Support!

9/16/12 New Moon, New Paradigm, and  Celestial Support!

Beloved, we pulse our frequencies to you within the magnetic waves of  your Virgo New Moon!

Please experience how it feels to receive us in this way, for we have never done this with your moon before. It is NEW! Your new moon’s energies are actually pulled to you by the magnetic forces within your earth, you see, and its pull on your moon is very powerful, indeed!  Unless we actually had the experience of allowing them to carry us to you as we are now, we never would have  truly “known” how  strong those magnetic forces feel. We are quite enjoying the experience of being pulsed to you in this way, we might add!

It was not simply out of curiosity that we decided to ride to you on the waves of energy from your new moon at this moment of your linear time, however!  We do so in order to draw your own attention to them. If you can feel us within them, then you can feel them as well–and so you will also know their power.  It is “time” for you to know.  It is “time” for you to experience the interconnection of all beings in your solar system, and your moon is but one of them. As you experience this interconnection, you will KNOW it exists. This is important NOW, for you have an entire galactic community that awaits your “knowing” of their existence, as well!

There is another reason, that we come to you through the pulsations of your  moon in this transmission. It is because the new moon is a most potent ally to your own powerful energetic technology.  As your moon wanes and becomes “dark,” or invisible to your 3rd dimensional eyes, so can all 3rd dimensional beliefs that limit your ability to “see beyond them” wane into nothingness–as long as that is an intention that you have been holding and acting upon.

At the same time, the NEW beliefs that you wish to replace them with become as seeds “fertilized” in the dark, nourishing womb of your new moon.  Then, you have a whole new garden to grow!  With daily attention, as your moon “waxes” and becomes full again, so this garden blooms and becomes full. Then comes the time for pruning and pulling weeds as your moon wanes again– and deciding what needs to be added to your garden with the next new moon.

And so it goes, ever mirroring and supporting your process of growth and ascension. THIS new moon, however, is one we most strongly encourage you to use. This new moon immediately precedes your Fall Equinox, and so will support your process of using it fully–and will do so most exquisitely.  Don’t worry if you do not read this message for many hours after it is transmitted– you still have “time” to use it!  The energy of your new moon will be with you for at least  24-36 hours after its “official date” as recorded by your astrnomers.

No matter when you take in our message, please USE IT!  If you feel at a loss as to how, we are happy to give you an easy way to start. Simply ask yourself, “What am I focusing on NOW? Is it a focus that will support me in loving and expanding my sense of connection with others? And, is what I am focused on NOW what I want to be focused on in three months?”  That will get you started, all right!

YOU, Beloved, are preparing right NOW for how you want to walk through the gateway of your Fall Equinox, and towards your final solstice of 2012.  Take that in! Don’t let your mind take it over and make it a burden, though!

This is not a time to take on burdens. It is a time to throw them off.

This is not a time to see anything through the lens of victimization, or scarcity, or separation, or struggle.

This is a time–has been a time, since the download you received at Summer Solstice– to see absolutely everything you experience as a lesson about love and interconnection.  And the more you have done so, and the more you do, the more you free yourself from burdens, and begin to play in life with the light heart of a child again. A child who knows he/she is loved and supported by a great and powerful family, and is here only to revel in that love, love them all back, and enjoy.

Ah, Beloved!  THIS is your “New Paradigm of Being! ” You do not have to wait for it. It is yours NOW to step into–but YOU are the one who must take the step.  Know that we offer you support beyond your brain’s ability to conceive! But we also know how hard it can be to break free of the brain’s entrainment to limitation–and we know this through our Judith, our earth member. So, we are “pulling out all the stops,” as you say, in our efforts to reach this “human level”in you that can be so recalcitrant (as we know, through our Judith!).  We wish to use her own humanity then, to be b0th our vehicle and our guiding light for any of you who feel lost in the process of preparing for your equinox.  To that end, we will let her continue this transmission–

Hi, this is Judith, with the celestial team practically breathing (or fizzing!) down my neck as I write this. They want to help you FIND all of those precious lessons about love and connection that were folded within ALL of your experiences this summer, so that you can integrate them and move forward with them after the powerful Fall Equinox energjes assist you in “locking them in.”

Therefore, the celestial team (including me, of course) are offering to provide you with personal support, technical support–and just about any other support you require– in preparing for these powerful “gateway energies.’ If you aren’t sure what your experiences this summer had to do with love and connection, or if you don’t feel clear on how they can serve you in expanding further into love and connection, we can–and we will–help you to get clear, and to USE them.

We can do so by phone, Skype, or in person. Just call or email, and we’ll be on it!
Oh, and how do you “pay” for this assistance?  You don’t. This is the New Paradigm, remember? You pay yourself, actually, by making a donation from your heart, which is an action you will take to ground and activate your own intention to receive from now on—because YOU are worthy!  Your donation will also support the celestial team’s (including me!)  continuing and unfolding work. Its all of a piece, you see? Interconnected!

Much Love/Light to you–Always and in All Ways. –Judith and the celestial team



Copyright (c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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