5.13.14 Within Your Struggles, Your Noble Courage Shines

Cosmic humanAh, Beloved, we greet You with most poignantly tender and honoring frequencies of Love in this moment!

Even more than that, we surround You with our frequencies– we will even wrap You in them if You will let us, for You move us so. You move us with your struggles to banish fear-based beliefs. You move us with your despair when they do not vanish. You move us with your Self-judgments because You know that struggle perpetuates the repetition of struggle… yet find yourSelf struggling, anyway.

Never do WE judge You, however. Far from it. We see WHY You stuggle, and from our perspective, it is for a most noble reason. Perhaps if we share what WE see, You will see yourSelf as we do, and so have compassion and appreciation for yourSelf… which will release the struggle altogether, of course.

WE see that everything You struggle to release and yet find yourSelf holding onto is, at its core, a repetition in some way of the most traumatic memories known to humankind–  betrayal, abandonment, and guilt. You carry them within you– often unconsciously, often at the cellular level, and always by design. Your struggle in releasing them is because, on a very deep level, You WANT to repeat them. The REASON You do is what moves us so… for it is a most noble one, indeed.

Beloved, You hold onto these traumatic imprints because You refuse to release them as such. Instead, You repeat them in order to make them turn out differently… because allowing them to be what they seem feels too heartbreaking for You to bear… because in your heart, you KNOW that “abandonment, betrayal and guilt” cannot possibly be truths… so You want to rewrite them in order to “right” them… and will not let them go until You do.

We will tell You as well that You do not take on this monumental burden only for yourSelf. There are many among You who carry traumas they never experienced personally. They do so on behalf of the ALL. That is quite an overwhelming emotional burden indeed– one that is beyond comprehension, in truth. And yet, they have taken them on, nonetheless. Many who are reading this transmission are one of them. If YOU are, Beloved, You will FEEL the resonance of our recognition through these words this very moment. Let it IN and recognize yourSelf! SEE how fine You are.

SEE your nobility of intent, and SEE your bravery! Then, SEE what else You ALSO know, which is that “abandonment, betrayal, and guilt” cannot possibly be truths. SEE that they are experiences born of the 3rd dimensional illusion of separation. SEE that through such a perceptual lens, they will always exist. SEE that to refuse to expand beyond them until they cease to exist will only perpetuate them.. for You will keep re-creating them.

Beloved, feel the truth. You have run that treadmill, carried that burden, and resonated with the belief that You are cast out, alone, and must somehow “redeem yourSelf” all alone for long enough. Realize that this ancient belief is based on lack of trust, in your universe as well as in yourSelf. The seed of that belief is in your first descent onto your planet, and the forgetting of who You are, and WHY You chose to come here. THAT is the core seed of the illusion of abandonment, and  all of the other traumas of separation that followed.

NOW is the “time” to drop the unending fear-based, grief-stricken, battles. You have fought long and hard, You have stayed the course, and You have survived with your spirit intact.  Trust us when we tell You what proof of your mastery that is. Many in our universe have not done so.

You have done well, Beloved, and the ALL of what You have done is as yet beyond your perception. However, NOW is the “time” to open yourSelf BEYOND your current perception! NOW is the “time” to remember that everything You have experienced on your planet was merely a 3rd dimensional illusion. You DO have that memory stored within You, and never doubt that again, please. WHY would You be reading this if You did not? Even the 3rd dimensional brain would have quite a “struggle” arguing the logic of that one!

But do not argue with any aspect of yourSelf any longer, Beloved. Nor judge, nor doubt what You know, and most especially not based on what You “think” You know. Just trust what You KNOW, without knowing why or how, and OPEN to it. Open to NOW, and let go of all that is not NOW, and we mean this very moment… and then the next… and the next… THAT is how You will experience where You are, and who You are. NOW.

Open to your heart’s desire, Beloved. You are no longer where You were. You can be home again in Love, where all that seemed broken looks NEW again, in a nanosecond. NOW.

How we Love You, and welcome You home! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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