5.25.13 High Frequency Recallibration Support from the celestial team

5/25/13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

A LOVE–Filled Hello to YOU, Beloved!

We are popping in to innundate you with “high frequency technical support,” you might say, at this highly auspicious moment of your linear time. We do so because the energies of your Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclpse are NOW assisting You in recallibrating to the highest frequencies you have expanded enough to “re-set” YourSelf in. Isn’t that wonderful?

Your last two eclipses assisted you in clearing out many old beliefs that kept you from making this leap before NOW. Those were the “cans of worms,” as we metaphorically called them, brought up through the Laws of Resonance for exactly that reason, as we explained in our last video. NOW the powerful energies of your current moon are recallibrating your frequency signature, updating it, if you will, to the NEW highest one You can hold.

For that reason, it is important that You choose to hold your highest frequency. Doing so means choosing to stay consciously grounded in your body, in the NOW, in order to be attuned  to YourSelf, so that YOU notice when your frequencies drop–so that YOU can reset them. The moon’s energies can only recallibrate You to your highest possible frequencies if You pulse them out, after all!

We understand that holding your sovereignty as an energetic being is also NEW to YOU, however. This is why we offer our own frequencies for You to use as a “frequency template.” When You need to re-set your own, and feel too “discombobulated” by whatever caused them to drop, do not despair. Simply use ours, Beloved. Call us to You, and we will be there. We always hear You, and we always respond. If you do not feel us with You, it is only because You have dipped to a frequency that is “out of range” and can’t pick up our frequencies–much like what happens with your car radios.

Should that happen, that is not a problem either, for we are telling you NOW how to handle that! To amplify our frequencies, just watch one of our videos, one that You have “felt us through” before, with the intention to tune into us from your heart center, and You will.  And once you do–here is the beautiful truth–when You tune into our frequencies, you tune into your own. It is because of the Laws of Resonance, Beloved. Our frequencies are resonating within You because they are within You.

We are at your disposal, “24/7,” as you say, with our Love/Light. Always and in All Ways.–the celestial team.


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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