7.9.14 New Video. Energy Tele-Gathering on July 20th. Decide to DESERVE!

This is Judith. I know I already posted an announcement about the first Monthly Energy Tele-Gathering, which is happening on July 20th. Perfect “timing,” because we are integrating so MUCH right NOW! SO much that the celestial team just braided with me to make a video announcement about the tele-gathering for the subscribers of our youtube channel, too. That’s the first “time” we’ve ever done that for any of our tele-gatherings– before NOW. But then I “got” why–  NOW we can’t integrate any other way but energetically.

This is the celestial team, Beloved! We asked our Judith to share our video about this tele-gathering, which is expanding in momentum and scope in this very moment of our transmission– because there is, indeed, an invaluable seed or two of information within it.

It is “time” to be pro-active on your own behalf. We can offer, but only YOU choose whether to receive. Just as your shift into a NEW Paradigm can only happen– for You– as YOU choose to shift INTO it.

Take our words into your heart, Beloved. Feel how we love You, so You may know who YOU are. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith again. Just FYI, there are three spots left in the tele-gathering at the moment. But then, since it is expanding in momentum and scope in the moment, as well, who knows what, or how many, it is becoming? Not me, certainly!


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