4.1.11 Seeing Through the Illusion of Polarity

4.1.11 Love/light Message from the clestial team
Seeing Through the Illusion of Polarity

Warm Frequencies of Salutation to Each of All from the celestial team!

We spoke with you last of the tender, vigilant, care that we surround you with, for it is constant. We are aware, however, that your habit of feeling alone has also been constant for a very long time, and so we remind you again that it is merely a habit born of illusion, and by no means truth. You are loved, delighted in, and always have been, by us.

We do not see failure or defeat in any of your experiences, for we do not see you through the filters of polarity that color your own experiences of collective interaction. We see clearly that those of you who feel small and helpless are but partners with those who choose the illusion of “having power over others,” for both are players in the game of fear.

We tell you that regardless of what roles your minds have set in place about the big game on your planet of victim/persecutor, all players are acting from a fear that is collective, and no greater or lesser for any in the game, no matter what role is played. Without the energy of each side, without active participation in the maintaining of the polarity, it would not exist at all. You have all played both sides throughout your lifetimes, fighting against one another to keep it going in order to explore this polarity
thoroughly. You have done much service to the universe through your research!

Now, however, it is time to face the illusion of your collective fear, TOGETHER.
It is a big shift, we understand. You have been pitted against one another on your planet for longer than you consciously know. It has not been easy to see you turned against one another so unnaturally.

Imagine how it would distress you to see magnificent gods and goddesses trained in one of your science labs to turn on one another, while the inflictors of such training stood by, unseen. Even knowing your true mastery and willingness to participate in such an experiment, in our love for you, it was challenging to watch at times.

You can imagine. Then, how thrilled we are that the higher frequencies on your planet now are awakening your remembering! All in your universe, from your atmosphere to your galactic center and beyond, is pulsing with support for you in this process. Even your own inventions are speaking to you, guiding you with increasingly dramatic feedback, are they not?

Now is your time to recognize the God-within-you. Only by doing so will you see the reflection of God-within-you shine back to you from the faces of others. Only then will you see with your own eyes that not a one of you is truly dirty, or bad, or weak, or guilty of anything at all!

You are not enemies, any of you. Those of you who feel otherwise are simply
frightened. Deeply frightened. Release the fear, and find yourself. In the doing, you will set the template for others to do the same. HERE is your hearts’ desires: to fall into one anothers’ loving arms in joyful relief.

You are on your way! In the coming months, remember always that you are powerful beyond your brain’s ability to grasp. We remind you, as well, to stay in your center of neutral, unconditional self-love within you, Within that centered balance, you will access your self-trust, and so will not be inclined to follow any other voice than that of your heart.

This is important. As long as you trust the voice of your heart, you will never again be seduced into following agendas that lead you into battles with one another, no matter what reasons are given or what labels might be used. How obvious it will be to you then that agendas that pit one against the other are perpetuations of the very illusions of separation that you are here to integrate!

Many such agendas will surface as the lower frequencies are stirred and exposed, but you will see them clearly. You will know that it matters not from what direction or dimension they swirl out of, either. Whether they are offered from off-world beings who say they are coming to “save you,” from your government, or from your neighbor next door, their polarizing frequencies will be the same. Balanced in your center and listening with your heart, it will be easy for you to discern them. Knowing that there is nothing to fear, and that your divine purpose is not winning, but integration of the all, such agendas will crumble at your feet. We have mentioned before that you are powerful, have we not?

We have indeed, many times, just as we have also been quite repetitious in saying that your power is within you! We would love it if you would repeat that to yourself all day long as well, for you will not find one another lovable until you find yourself lovable within. Nor will fear be replaced by compassion untii the day when you willingly love every aspect of you that triggers your rejection.

It is crucial that you understand this, and so we will be blunt. Anything you refuse to love within yourself, you throw out to your collective to be acted out amongst the all. As well, until you release all fear of self within you, you will create illusions of danger, both for yourself and for all.
All violence, whether as flagrant as war or as subtle as an inner whisper of self- criticism, is born of fear, and nothing else.
And fear in turn is the result of the illusion of separation! The only antidote to fear is love.

You see the circuit clearly now? Fall in love again, then have a grand reunion within the all that is you within! Have a love fest with yourself, and for no other reason than because it feels SO good at last.Then, you will be an alchemist of love for all. Then, you will see the magnitude of the alchemical powers you have had within you all this time!

We have gone on long, we fear, and as always feel as if we are just beginning! Our Judith is tiring, however, and we can already hear her question waiting at the moment we stop our transmission: “Can’t you do messages that are shorter and right to the point?” (She did not like typing that, either, but we are playing with her a little, and now she is smiling again!) Still, we will end now, for our lecture awaits us, and we do not want her to be deprived by exhaustion of delivering it!

We love you. KNOW your power. Use it with joy. Truly, your love will set you free. — the celestial team

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