5.25.14 Manifesting Form Through Frequency– You Do It All the “Time!”

Hello, Beloveds!

We understand what a leap it is to begin to experience yourSelf as an energetic being who manifests form out of frequency in every moment. It is not a leap into BECOMING a powerful Creator Being that is required. That is exactly what You are and have always been. The “leap” is into BELIEVING what You are, and therefore becoming a CONSCIOUS and RESPONSIBLE Creator Being! In this, your Year of Integration, that is a most important leap, indeed… in truth, it is the most important one You will ever make.

Yet, we do understand that this leap is one that is most usefully presented, within your current sequential processing of NOW as occurring in stages of “time,” as a BRIDGE you can take steps to cross– even though through our perspective,  we see it as one grand movement.  

Our Judith, who walks in your “human shoes” as our earthly member, has just gleaned a step that can be most useful in shifting your perspective of yourSelf. And, of course, it comes at a most “timely” moment– just as You are preparing to use your New Moon to plant your NEW intentions within You.

Hi, this is Judith. Here’s the thing– most of us human energetic beings just don’t perceive energy as being “real” enough to get behind and trust, let alone create “reality” with… which “really” doesn’t make much sense, since we’re perfectly used to navigating our way by attuning to frequencies! We hear sound, don’t we? We certainly can smell the difference between say, a flower and a dirty diaper, can’t we?

Its just that we’re used to relying only on our physical senses to believe our perceptions. And, we’re used to relying only on “what we know” through our experience thus far as physical, 3rd dimensional beings. So, what if we experiment with using what we know about being in physical form as a means of  recognizing what is also true about being an energetic “reality creator?” Here’s a good one to start with–

Physical beings reproduce. So does energy. Physical beings can only reproduce NEW  forms of themselves. Same with energy. Just as you can be darn sure that a human isn’t going to give birth to an ostrich, you can be darn sure that a frequency of need is not going to give birth to abundance!

Get it? Energy produces more of what it is, just as every living thing on our planet does. So experiment with perceiving the frequency you pulse out as a species that you wish to reproduce. You’re probably going to be a lot more diligent about maintaining it, I’d wager. It sure works for me, anyway. Let me know how it works for you!

Be fruitful and multiply, Beloved! How we LOVE You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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