9.19.12 Part 2 of “Fall Equinox 2012” Video!

9/19/12  “Fall Equinox 2012,” part 2–Love/Light Video  from the celestial team

Hello, all of you Beloveds!

It’s Judith again, just popping in as promised to deliver  Part 2 of “Fall Equinox 2012.”  No lengthy introduction needed, because the celestial team simply picks up exactly where they left off in part 1. All I will say is that they got so fizzy and exuberant, and were having such rousing good fun transmitting this part to you, that I was in a high and fizzy state myself for a very long while afterward!  Then, watching it a short while ago as I was writing a description for youtube before sending it over the air waves, I got high and fizzy all over again!  Their frequencies are downright infectious in this one, and it just came to me that its because they, THEMSELVES, were so excited about what they were sharing with us! I mean, the BIG REASON why they want us to recognize that everything is about  love and connection, right NOW-and which they finally say outright  towards the end of this video. Well, I’m certainly not going to spoil their fun–or yours!– by saying another word about it, either!  Its an “Aha  moment” that everyone deserves to have on their own, and feel for the first time as their own.  So, its all yours! Enjoy!


Much fizzy Love/Light to you!  –Judith


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