5.14.13 VIDEO- Using the Laws Of Resonance as an Energy Alchemist: The Choice, The Practice

5/14/13 New Love/Light Video from Judith and the celestial team

Hello, Beloveds!

Judith here, bringing you a NEW video–and as the one who transmitted it, I do mean NEW! All the way around, the entire experience was different, and in such a NEW way that I have no old, familiar words to describe it. I was very tired before the transmission (as I often am these days, while my body adjusts to running ever higher frequencies), but the moment the celestial team came through, I was ablaze with energy. Or, as my videographer exclaimed afterward, “Judith, you were on fire!” She also said that the frequencies coming through me were so high that she kept “leaving her body.” Everything just seemed brighter, higher, more vivid–and I’m getting that its important to share this with you because THIS is what the 5th dimension feels like! This is where YOU are headed, and I can personally, humanly, tell you that it is WONDERFUL here, so keep on going!

Fittingly, the video was made in response to a collective cry for help, which, in a nutshell, was, “Why an I feeling so BAD? I thought we shifted!” Well, the celestial team is here to tell you all about it, and they leave no stone unturned. They explain the  energetic characteristics of what we are going through NOW, how to use the Laws of Resonance to raise our own frequencies to match the NEW energies…and the single choice that will not only bring relief, but change everything–and is one that only YOU can make.

Before you watch, I also want to share one more awareness from my human perspective–The celestial team transmits a great deal of invaluable, high frequency information in this video, but their way of communicating is not linear. It is threaded together multi-dimensionally, and is, in that way, “all of a piece.” If you try to follow it through your ego-brain programming (which is linear), it will go on overload,  and you’ll become dazed, confused, or sleepy. To RECEIVE all of the transmission, you really need to watch it a few times, taking it in through your heart center–which IS multi-dimensional–and don’t “try to put it altogether.” Your heart will do that FOR you as it processes the frequencies over the next few days, and then, all of a sudden –you’ll GET it–the whole picture, as one, whole, gleaming, gestalt.

OK, here’s the link! Watch,  take it to heart… and know that YOU really are the ONE you’ve been waiting for.

Using The Laws of Resonance As An Energy Alchemist:

The Choice,The Practice—


Oh, by the way, if you’re interested in receiving “The Power Toolkit” along with step-by-step coaching in putting it all together, it’ll be offered “in right timing” on the website soon. If you press the “Follow the Love/Light” buttom in the right sidebar, you’ll get it via email!


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5.5.13 The Laws of Resonance

5/5/13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We are with You, Beloved!

We are, indeed, with You. Please take those words literally, and to heart. We did not “say” that we are communicating with You through these written words. We “said” that we are with You through these these words. They are carriers of our frequencies, and as Light Beings without physical form, our frequencies ARE us!  Take that in, please.

Because You have lived in a world of physicality for aeons, and because You project YourSelf into physical forms in order to do so, You have become used to relying on Your physical senses to experience and navigate through Your perceived “reality.” This, of course, is a very good idea in a dimension of physicality. We do not by any means discourage You from continuing to use Your fine physical senses–at least, not when You are embodied as a physical being! You need them, and they serve You well.

What we ARE “saying” is that Your physical senses are not the only ones You have, just as YOU are not only a physical being. And, since You are no longer locked into a 3rd dimensional reality, it is “time” to start using Your non-physical senses, as well. The more You do, the more You will begin to sense and enjoy the lightness of the NEW energies You are in. On the other hand, the less You do, the more uncomfortable You will become. The reason for this is quite simple. You are an energetic being. You are responding to the energetic Laws of Resonance. That is all.

There is nothing mysterious or “beyond Your grasp” about this. The Laws of Resonance are just plain physics, meaning that they describe a characteristic of energy that is already operational and well-known on your planet. We believe our Judith has addressed them often, both in her workshops and on her website, and will soon do so again when she presents the fetchingly practical Power Toolkit that she is designing for You. For NOW, however, we offer a brief summary to “tide You over” until then, as You say. To encourage You to “ride the tides of NEW energy” as a Sovereign Energetic Being, is what WE say!

According to the Laws of Resonance, when lower  frequencies encounter higher ones, they immediately attempt to rise into resonance with them. To put this natural energetic process into the context of Your human experience, it means that when YOU move into a NEW energy that is vibrating at a higher rate than You are accustomed to, any old programmed beliefs within You will immediately be activated to rise to meet them. To use our Judith’s vernacular, this means that “all of your ‘stuff’ comes up to be cleared and released,” so that You CAN resonate with the higher frequencies. It is normal energetic process, in other words, and a very  positive one.

However, if one is not used to working with energy, as an energetic being, it can feel as if one has “opened a can of worms.” (That’s our Judith again, could you tell?) Well, our response to that is “Wonderful! Open the can by all means, and set the worms free!” And the way to DO that, Beloved, is by letting YourSelf be CONSCIOUS of them. Identify the beliefs (the metaphoric worms), then RELEASE JUDGMENT of them, of any parties concermed in their formation, and of YourSelf for buying into them. It is that simple.

Howver,  humans who still feel powerless will make it very complicated, and even conjure up “more worms” in the process. They do this by either either trying  to avoid the ones that do surface, or by shutting them out, or by resisting them. None of these methods work–unless Your intention is to continue to turn worms into demons and be enslaved by them, that is. So why not stay with the “worm metaphor,” instead? Why not let them go, rather than force them to become demons inside You? Metaphorical demons, of course! In truth they are nothing but worms, and illusionary ones, at that. But YOU, as a Sovereign Energetic Being, can create them into demons in YOUR perceptual reality, if You choose. And, You very often have…haven’t You, Beloved? Ah, we know…but take heart NOW! You don’t ever have to run that treadmill again…unless You choose to, of course.

If You do not, You can claim that Sovereign Authority  of Yours! BE what You ARE! Only to the extent that You do, will You turn Your demons back into worms, and then…(wait for it, our Judith says!)…find out that they are actually caterpillars that You have, at last, released from their cocoons. We speak NOW in metaphors, we know, but the truth of what we are sharing with You is encoded within them. Take them to heart, and let them unfold into insights that will be like butterflies, themselves…just as YOU are.

We SEE Your majesty, Beloved. Pleses use our eyes.  Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


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