4.20.13 From Yeshuwa

4/20.13  A Message for NOW from Yeshuwa

Please forsake what you read in the newspapers, or what you see in the violent images pulsed to you through your television and computer screens, as your versions of truth!
Please do not allow the media to be your puppet master any longer!
It would grieve us NOW to see YOU allow yourSELF to continue to be enslaved, just as it grieved us over 2,000 years ago, when it was done by the political media of that day.
Let such enslavement end, NOW that YOU are no longer bound to it so tightly by the veils of density. Indeed, you are no longer bound at all.
YOU feel your truth WITHIN YOU, and always have.
NOW is the time to TRUST the truth within YOU, and act from within it!
NOW you are offered a tremendous opportunity–once more– to turn the tides by doing just that. REMEMBER what we have told you! It is COMPASSION, not war, that will be your revolution.
The eye of the needle is within YOU, Beloved. We are there with YOU within it. Together, our power is without limit. And so it is, in the eternal NOW of always.
–Your Yeshuwa
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