4/30/11 Yeshuwa Offers Guidance on Receiving the Frequencies of Love

4/30/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, the celestial team greet you with great waves of love on this eve before the dawning of May, the 5th month in your year of 2011!

There are many, many, many, of us who have joined to transmit this message to you in this moment! We are.braiding our frequencies together in a richly woven symphony of love, and want very much for you to feel and receive our music into your beings. Here is Yeshuwa:

Yes, this is Yeshuwa.

We love you. Ah, how you are loved! Unconditionally, for there are no conditions to love. Nor are there any conditions within you, or any aspects of you, that would make you unworthy of such love. Please take that in. The written words of this transmission are, indeed, imbued with frequencies of great love for you all, and for each one of you personally, as well. We see you as you are, for nothing about you can be hidden, and we love all that we see. We wish for you to feel our love, to feel yourselves as beloved members of a devoted family, for this is your truth. We ask you to please allow for this to happen now.

If you will, please take a deep breath, and then another, slowly, peacefully. Yes. Breathe. Let “time” stop. Become aware of being. Simply being. Being in your body, in this moment, alive and present, without past or future, and feeling only the pure pleasure of breathing in and out.

Place your attention in your heart area, and feel the peace there, the stillness. Notice that the turbulence of any emotions you may have been experiencing are not present there. Although you have been taught to equate emotions with the heart, that was a “misguided” teaching. Your emotions are a separate affair altogether, and generate mostly from the energy center you have called your second chakra. Your heart is the seat of your true intelligence, your connection with All That Is. Simply BE now, in the stillness of your heart, breathing peacefully. Yes.

Now, acknowledge your heart, include it, by taking your breath into it.
Breathe gently, gratefully, into your heart, and into YOU there within it.
Feel your heart open gently and naturally in response, receiving your
breath, opening to hold your presence. Yes.

Begin now to share the frequencies of the words you are reading with your heart by breathing them in with your peaceful breaths. You do not have to think about how to do it. You know how. Trust that, and simply do it.
Now, stop reading for a moment, and simply feel the frequencies that are already flowing into your heart. Experience the feeling, Experience your heart’s reaction. Let the truth of what you are feeling register in your consciousness so that you can access it again at will. Yes.

As you feel our love fill your heart and overflow into your body, you may continue to read if you like, breathing our words as you read them, calmly and gently. Feel how loved you are! Please accept and receive our love.
Yes. Do not doubt what you are feeling. You FEEL it. Say yes to it, and
know how lovable you are. Please say yes with us now: “YES.”

Yes, There is nothing in you that is not lovable, and is not love. You were conceived in love, from love, and love is the energy that forms your being. All else is illusion. Continue to breathe our love in. Feel how your cells rejoice and drink in our frequencies of love. Why would they not?
They are made of love themselves, and it is only love that keeps them alive and singing!

Know also that love is in all of our messages, and it is a personal and intimate love for you, the one who is reading, In our realms, we are able to do this. Although our message seems to be only one, there are as many within the one as there are of you who read it. This is hard for you to
conceptualize, we know, and we say please don’t try. Just know the truth of it in your heart.

Whenever you doubt what you are, or how you are loved, or how deserving you are of love, you may come back to this message, or any of them, and reread the words. Breathe them in, as you are now. The frequencies will always be there waiting for you, ever new, and will respond to your consciousness with the flow of our eternal love. And so it is, has always been, and always will be, in the eternal flow of now.

You have made us, and all of the celestial team, very, very, happy with your willingness to receive our love. We are most grateful, and we thank you deeply.

This is the celestial team, returning only to add all of our gratitude to Yeshuwa’s for letting us love you as you have! Know that your receiving of our love brings us much joy! Even those of you who only allowed yourself “a sip,” we thank you for that with unrestrained delight! Now, you know you can return for more whenever you choose! What can we say? We just love you, that’s all!

Be good to yourselves now. Be patient as you learn to balance yourselves in the new energies. Be loving with yourselves, for you are going very far, very fast, and deserve only the kindest of care, and the highest self-regard. Hold the frequencies of love, refuse to drop beneath them for any reason, and you will create only love in your life. Persist! Trust! As you do this for yourselves, you do this for all. There is only one.

Goodnight to you, and good day, depending on your “time zone!” How we love you!!
–the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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