5.5.11 Masters, Connect the Dots! SEE the Grand Game You Play!

5/5/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

With warm greetings, we reach out to touch your light with our own!

Yes, we wish to touch your light! YOUR light. We would like you to takein the literal truth of these words, and feel your light right now, as you read. If you think you don’t “know how” to feel your light, then just pretend that you do. Use your imagination! What do you think it is, this imagination of yours? Now, that is something to ponder! Your imagination is proof of your light, It is not bound by the limitations of what you call “facts,” and yet it is the source of all that you create, and it is YOURS. It is what makes you a visionary, a creator, an explorer of ancient truths and future possibilities. To quote the one you call Einstein once again, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” INDEED.

Of course, there are many others among you who have said this as well, and they have been your leaders out of the trenches, off of the treadmills, away from time wasted bickering with one another, and into the possibilities held in the vastness of your light. We like to quote your Einstein, however, because the discoveries he made through befriending his imagination are well known to you all, and so “credible.” We tell you, your imagination is just as powerful as his, and holds discoveries that are just as important for the all, if only YOU will deem them “credible.” In truth, we might say “quite credibly” that your imagination IS “your ticket to ride at this time.

So, feel, pretend, or imagine your light right now! Feel it within you as well, for it is what keeps you alive, and nothing else. Feel that it is bright and vast, and it is what you ARE. You are light. Your physical body is small by comparison, is it not? A tiny pinpoint! Now realize THIS:
Your miraculous earthly body is but an energetic projection you manifested for yourself within the light of YOU. And that is only one of many things you can do. To recognize that one, however, is a very good start! Let us expand on this. In order to have decided to project yourself into a body and deal with all of the challenges that would bring, you must have wanted VERY MUCH to be here now. You must have reasons, you must have purpose here.

Of course you do, and we know them. We honor them, and your choice be where you are in order to fulfill them. We know you have been dazed and traumatized by the challenges you have taken on, residing in the dimension of extremest polarity for so long. We have seen you get caught up in the
polarities, and are fascinated now as we watch you begin to get your true bearings in the higher frequencies, integrate all that you have learned, and awaken to your true identities.

We are watching masters at work. Believe us.  You are demonstrating mastery even when you “think” you do not know what you are doing!

Please take all that we have said to heart, for the heart knows how to “connect the dots,” and find the fullness of our meaning. We want to leave you as well with some reminders in which to ground your energy firmly as you proceed now:
* Your imagination is what will lead you out of the ordinary and into change. Trust it. It is far more trustworthy than the reality you have been accustomed to!
* REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE POWERFUL. You projected yourself there, after all!
USE your power. It is a veritable lightning rod, so focus your imaginings on what you want for your world. Focus on the good of the all. for you are one of them, and you will generate far more power for over six billion than for only one.
* Do not bother yourself anymore with smallness, with chewing on the dry bones of what you are “against.” You only keep yourself chewing on bones that offer you nothing but hunger that way. Put your energy into what you do believe in, what feeds your spirit, instead.
* Be always aware that you will see around you whatever it is that you are looking for. Look for what you want to see, and feed THAT with your energy!

Do not be seduced into smallness by dwelling on all that is “wrong.” Do not let yourself be drugged by media bombardment of fear and drama and call it truth, or any other “factual” sources of doom and gloom. You then are as a dog obediently gnawing a bone thrown at you, well-trained to NOT see the fresh nourishment that is all around you. YOU are a vast light being. Do not play “powerless” any longer! We tell you, there is a thousand times more love and more beauty around you than there is hate and ugliness now! See it! Do not allow your spirit to go hungry any longer.

* Lastly and perhaps in grand summation, we remind you of the messages we transmitted about seeing yourself as white light, reflected by the prism of the mind into the colors of your physical chakra system. The major work now, as we have said, is to cease struggle. Release attachments and
resistances that keep you spinning and out of balance, falling into one color oranother. When you can balance in the center of that wheel of color, you will find yourself in the neutral energy of unconditional love. This is the white light in your center; THIS is what connects you to the vastness of the light you truly are–and that vastness is connected to Source itself.

From here, you can work miracles. From your center of wholeness, you plug into your power,and step into knowing yourself as the master you are. With your neutral and unconditional love, you can change the world with ease. We know it. Your universe knows it. That is why you are watched now with bated breath, and fueled every moment by the energy of hope. All that is left now is for YOU to remember, and know it fully NOW.

And you are remembering! Trust your rememberings, your imagination, and your purpose now! You know what you long for! Live it, and you will have it.

We believe in you, we honor you, and we love you.  –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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