5.10.11 Yeshuwa Talks Turkey

5/10/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We shower you with greetings, and with eagerness to speak more to you about the power of your light!

We know we have spoken of your light often. Yet we also realize through your responding frequencies as you read our messages that it is hard for many of you to grasp the truth of what we say. You are not used to perceiving yourself as light! You have looked to the brain to decide what is true, but you will not find this truth in any of its programs or files. The brain only works within the parameters of its programming, much like your computers. All else, like our words, it discards.

We do know that you FEEL our words, and that you process them energetically, but if you rely on your mental computers to process them in order to accept them as workable, usable, truth, you will be slow to take ownership of them. We tell you this because it is has become such a habit for you to run everything through the programming of the brain that some of you are no longer even aware as you do it! We wrote of the results of this in a previous message about your attempts to live 5th dimensionally through the 3rd dimensional mind. We shared our amusement with you at the “3D versions of 5D” that many of you were spinning, for your creativity in the doing was sheer delight. Now, because some of you are still unaware of playing this game that does not serve you, it is time to speak of this again, Yeshuwa wishes to speak about this, from long and intimate experience among you, before we continue alltogether:

We, Yeshuwa, who know the human experience well, wish to “talk turkey”with you about the significance of our teachings now.

The hunters who lived in your forests could not conceive as small children of what it meant to hunt and transform a turkey into food. They had to learn what was beyond their ability to conceive of. First, they absorbed the nuances of knowing turkey, honoring turkey. Through this knowing and honoring came complete acceptance of the ways of turkey. They thus entered a balanced relationship with turkey, and centered there. From that center, they gained the privilege from turkey to hunt turkey as it presented itself for food. They carefully followed the guidance of the hunting elders with trust and commitment, and became wise and mighty hunters for their people. This could only be done without causing harm through the balance provided by the relationship of honoring and acceptance between turkey and hunter that was established as a foundation.

It resulted in a form of alchemy, this turning turkey into food, and benefiting both turkey and hunter alike. Although weighted by the lower frequencies of density and slowed to accommodate the linear time structure of those frequencies, it was a particular skill of manifestation, in this case the one of transformation. We tell you this story to show you history of acquiring mastery that you CAN process at the mental level. Since you already have heard of this story in your lifetime, your mind will accept it as truth. USE that acceptance to fuel the comprehension that the seemingly inconceivable is also possible NOW!

Just as the child in the story learned of the powers he had to transform a turkey into food, so you can learn of the powers you have to transform whatever you choose INTO something in alignment with your intentions. What does it take to learn?

* The awareness that you do not know, firstly. Nothing you have learned in this physical lifetime can tell you anything about it, anymore than what the child learned before coming into physical form could teach him about the alchemy of hunting.

* The awareness that nothing that is not of benefit for all will be worthy of your light, will be powered by your light, or will reap anything but struggle in the end.

* Make friends with your discernment and rely on it, for you are innundated with information always. See that the guidance you decide to follow is in alignment with the frequency of your centered, heartfelt intentions. Tune into the resonance, and see that it is not laced with that which raises any dissonance within your heart centers. Your mind is easily deceived by manipulation, but if you listen from the heart, you cannot be deceived.

* The guidance of those who have learned the alchemy ALWAYS appear to teach you. If your heart responds with feelings of joy and relief, then LISTEN and TRUST. Your truth will always be welcomed by your heart, for it knows your truth already, and is only waiting for you to willingly align.

This is the celestial team, braided together again with Yeshuwa. We ask that you take in all of our words in the spirit of Yeshuwa’s child, committed to your chosen path, and knowing that nothing in your mind thus far can take you anywhere beyond it. Begin to notice also when the programming of your mind takes over, and you allow it. We receive the frequencies of your responses to our words, whether we are speaking together in these messages through our Judith, or separately within our collectives through certain others, or to you directly.

Sometimes, we feel you take us in mosy beautifully, and then let your minds take over and rob you of the fullness of the transmissions. Begin to recognize when this happens. It is easy, for suddenly you will find yourselves in the quagmire of “deciding how” to use them and exactly “who needs what.” You will be suddenly very busy with deciding exactly “how to phrase” your intentions, what outcomes you “decide” are most beneficial, and you will not see that you are captured once more by programs of judgement and separation!

We ask you to stay always present with yourselves, and centered within your being, for then you will notice immediately when you have forgotten the power of your light, and turned your consciousness over to the mind once more. You will feel tension, conflict, difficulty, doubt. Responsibility settles as a weight on your shoulders, anxiety churns in your stomach. You feel the energy of struggle. The first sign of any of these is the moment to release, simply let go and return to your center until you feel at peace. The power of your light is THERE, for the peace emanates from your neutral center of unconditional love. When you are not centered there, you are playing again in the realms of distortions, your third dimensional illusions of separation.

We ask, until our next transmission, that you practice only one thing, and that is the release of struggle. Complete acceptance of the way things are is your zero point. Many of you are familiar with the meaning of that term, and so we use it here. Anything attempted from another position is only a form of resistance or attachment. Both of these are but two expressions of one energy, struggling with itself. You might relate this to the part of Yeshuwa’s story that illustrates honoring as the oundation of mastery. There is much in Yeshuwa’s story to glean from, if you choose to read it from the heart–we will add that little observation as well!

We have delivered quite enough in this transmission, we realize! Even though it may not seem so, there is quite a lot of richness woven in the words, and we do not want to overload your digestion! We will return soon, however, with much more to say about the power of your light. If it should seem at any time that we’ve said very little in a message, that would be an excellent one to read again more deeply. Centered in your heart, you may find that what the brain filtered out is exactly what you need to leap beyond. Its programs were designed only to keep you contained within them, you know…

We leave you now with that “little clue.” In truth, it is more like a key, for if you read our transmissions slowly, beneath the brain’s assumptions and haste to follow its own agenda, you will find that every slight resonance that you feel with our words is an opening to your own inner knowledge.

Read deeply, then, and enjoy the treasures you find within you! We see them, for they shine brightly. In truth, that they are the beacons that guide our transmissions. Now, THAT is a very powerful note to leave you to resonate with, indeed! Enjoy. We love you, we love your light, and we openly admit that we are determined to illuminate your brilliance right back to you with our reflections!

Drink deep! We will return soon with more  frequencies for your thirsty heart.  –the celestial team

Copyright (c) JudithDagley 2011-All Rights Reserved   www.thecelestialteam.com

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