2.21.12 * Your POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW! *

Your POWER TOOLS, part 1–A New Love/Light Video for Navigating NOW

Intro from Judith:  The celestial team began fizzing around and inside me the moment I sat down to do this video! In fact, I could barely introduce myself before letting them burst through, so eager were they  to speak directly to you themselves this time.  Do not let your brain mislead you into thinking that the light, tinkling tones they begin with mean that the message will be all fluff and cotton candy, though!  The frequencies that you hear/feel  in the beginning are those of a collective of young, enthusiastic–and VERY wise!– angelics.  You will hear/feel other, stronger, voices  braid with  them as the video unfolds, presenting you with an excellent opportunity to practice the skill of discerning subtle frequency changes.

Regardless of which collective is carrying the symphony of the message, all of the information  transmitted is gold– critically important and potentially capable of enabling a major shift into sovereignty if taken to heart (which is always where to take anything the celestial team transmits, anyway!).  Be especially sure not to miss any of the meditation they lead you through at the end of the video–breathe in every bit of it!  There are powerfully activating and impassioned frequencies braided into its transmission, and if you allow them in, you will find yourself within  an abundant and unconditionally supportive love from the universe itself–no matter how pessimistic or self-judgmental you were feeling beforehand.  Oh, go ahead and let yourself have it!  ALL of it.  It is ALL for YOU, and you DO deserve.

Bask, gather yourSelf, and enjoy!

The celestial team takes the lead in this one, transmitting as one orchestra with many instruments to deliver a transmission that is a power tool in itself. Be sure to stay for their short meditation at the end, and FEEL how loved you are!
Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.
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