2.27.12 From Yeshuwa

Beloved, this is Yeshuwa.

Do you hear, do you FEEL our frequencies as you read these words?  We have been transmitting them to you through the celestial team for over a year of your time. We have asked you to open your heart to them, and have taught you how to do so. To the extent that you do, you become aware of our Presence immediately as a rush of indescribable Love not only around you, but within you.  That is when you becomes YOU.

Those that do not heed our teachings of the importance of the heart center as your portal from you to YOU, of course, do not feel anything at all.  Then, they wonder why.  And they will wonder until they create a drama that is commensurate with their own resistance to feeling our Presence within them.

We review: Those enclosed by the arrogance of ego, which actually struggles to defend them against exposing the 3rd dimensional indoctrination of self-unworthiness and hardship, wait for something outside of themselves to overpower these constructs.  Since, as we have told you,  all external events are simply reflections of internal desires, they will eventually create something catastrophic  to “blast their prison walls open” and set them free.  That is what they are waiting for, and in choosing such, they will be maintaining their obedience to the programming of the “old paradigm,” which has kept your human collective struggling and traumatized for so, so, long.

Know that for those who choose such methods, they must occur. How could they not?  You are all Sovereign Beings, sparks of God!  As such, you have the free will to explore and create as YOU deem necessary, or interesting, or of value to the All.  Always, your explorations, know matter what they are, teach and so are of value, to the All.

Such catastrophes are no longer necessary, however.  In truth, there is such Light, such electromagnetic support pervading your planet NOW, that it takes more energy at this point to create hardship and catastrophe than it does to expand beyond them!

You see, then, how loyal many still are to their “indoctrination.”  Understand, take in, the power of that loyalty, please! The frequencies of Yeshuwa– the frequencies that billions flock to their Christian churches hungry for– can come to them personally through a written transmission and ask for access to their hearts, and be denied!  THAT is Sovereign Authority in action, is it not?  Such is the power to choose within each of the All of You.

Note, as well, please, that it is not the “indoctrination” that denies our Presence to be felt, but the loyalty of each individual to the indoctination that blocks our connection with them, these precious, precious, sparks of God.  Without loyalty to feed it energetically, all past programming is as nothing. NOTHING. THIS is how powerful you all are!

Please do not judge anyone of your own for such blind and tethered loyalty, we beseech you. Instead, awaken yourself even more fully, expand to feel our Presence within you even more! We  tell you that your Sovereign Power is so absolute, so exponentially effective, that the more you do so, the less you will see around you of those who do not. You will change your world, for you are its creator.

Understand this at last! IT IS THE FREQUENCY OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS THAT CREATES YOUR EXPERIENCE You understand perfectly well that the frequency you set the channel on your television to attune to will bring you the viewing experience you choose to have, do you not? Well, know that your own internal technology is far superior, and far more capable of fine attunements, than that particular external, and rather gross, technological invention!

We ask you, then– as a father, a sibling, a mother, a lover, a mentor, a trusted friend– as a part of You, YourSelf–  to attune your frequencies to US through your multidimensional heart center more than ever, Beloved.  And stay attuned. Your reality will align with those golden frequencies as long as you commit to them, and hold them.

How long it will take for your external reality to reflect them is dependent only on how much resistance you have to doing so, and nothing more.  If you have built up a “plaque” of resistance, it will take a bit longer–but only a bit. Your Sovereign intention is capable of what, in the past, you called miracles and magic.

We have said in several of our messages, and will say once more: THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE IS WITHIN YOU. Perhaps each time we say it, it becomes more obvious. YOU are the power you seek.

We, Yeshuwa, are always with you, whether you “know”  it or not.  When you open your heart, you KNOW. You are precious beyond description in your linear language, and powerful beyond all that you have been programmed to believe.

Remember what we have told you. You are an aspect of God, and YOU are alive in earthly form to seed the golden light of compassion throughout your universe. YOU are one of the masters chosen for this most complex and difficult task.

And why were You chosen? Because YOU CAN DO IT.  That was determined before you ever arrived here.  Trust this, feel it resonate within you, and entertain no spindly thoughts otherwise. Your trust and your belief in YOU will keep you connected with US, and your power will set YOU, and the ALL of YOU,  free.

In Love With You Always, Your Yeshuwa



Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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