11.12.12 CROSSING THE THRESHOLD–Wherever You SEE, You Will Very Soon BE

11/12/12 CROSSING THE THRESHOLD, WINTER, 2012-Wherever You See, You Will Very Soon Be

This is Judith. with an article I was asked to contribute to “Whole Person Magazine,” but which I also knew, the whole time I was writing, was meant for alll of YOU as well!

Whata momentous time this is, our winter of 2012! We are on the threshold of what
the celestial team calls “A New Paradigm of Being.” Step by conscious step, many of us are well into the crossing, leaving the polarized world we have become accustomed to behind. With every step, our vision of a lovingly interwoven world of unity consciousness becomes clearer–until, finally, we see that it is right there!–waiting for us to step into, just as we had envisioned.

Are you one who is in the midst of this unprecedented, glorious crossing? Or, are you one who is “waiting to see?” If so, what do you see before you? Is it what you want to see? If not, then why are you envisioning it? These questions are important ones!

We are energetic alchemists. Whether we know it or not, it is through our vision that we create our experience of “reality.” NOW more than ever before, it is important to know that wherever you see, you will very soon be. And, it is time to expand your vision and see ANEW, for in order to cross the threshold into A New Paradigm of Being, you will need “A New Paradigm of Seeing.”

Throw down the cloudy lenses of the old duality-based paradigm! They are obsolete. For aeons, they kept us from seeing that “reality” does not happen to us— “reality” is merely a reflection of our own beliefs and expectations. Like living in a hall of mirrors, we see ourselves reflected back to us in infinitely creative ways. The very idea boggles the mind, so why not practice living “life as a hall of mirrors” for a few days? Let your mind play with it, and have some fun. All of us could use a little levity as we take responsibility for what we choose to “see!”

In your “hall of mirrors,” you will also see what an infinitely creative being YOU truly are, constantly spinning out all of those reflections!  Obviously, YOU will have no trouble in learning to see ANEW. In fact you do not have to “learn” at all. All you need do is rewire your vision. It has been hooked up to the 3rd dimensional brain, which did a fine job of holding us within the limitations of the old duality-based experience. It diligently separated it all into categories of this or that, right or wrong, good or bad. Any information that did not fit neatly into its filing system, the brain simply threw out altogether!

Of course, all of this separation took its toll. Feeling separate from one another was a lonely, often scary, experience. Not remembering that we are the creators of our own reality, we felt powerless over the circumstances around us, and so blamed one another for our very own creations! Forgetting that our power is within, we also began to accuse one another of stealing it, and…well, we all know what a fine mess that vision of “reality” created, don’t we?

Yet, glorious beings that we truly are, we have made it to the threshold of our NEW paradigm of being in the nick of time! We are unplugging our vision from the filters of the 3rd dimensional brain, and allowing it to run directly from our true operating system– the multidimensional intelligence of the heart. The heart does not see this or that. The heart sees this and that…and that…and that. The heart knows we are all interconnected, and that we always have been. It also knows what beautiful music we can make together when we harmonize as One.

The heart knows these things because it knows US as we truly are—Divine Light Beings in human form, mastering our way to remembering our own Light. The heart never sees anyone of us in any other way. It does not confuse the challenges of our journeys with the truth of who we are, as we have done! Nor does it create “reality” through the limited expectations of the brain. The heart feels our creations into being through its own multidimensional vision, and so they far surpass anything we have ever seen-or felt- before. Exactly the sort of vision we need to cross the threshold into a way of being we have never known before…

Begin to see ANEW, then! Practice your new vision, and what an opportunity our winter holidays provide for that! As you gather with friends and loved ones, give them the most precious gift of all— see them ANEW as the Divine Light Beings they truly are. Look right past the judgments of the brain, and see the Light that shines within them. As you do, they will see their own Light reflected back to them from your eyes. Then celebrate yourself, for there is no greater gift than the one you have given.

Of course, you must first gift yourself by remembering that YOU are a Divine Light Being who is also NEW. You have no wounds from “the past,” because you are no longer there. Nor do you have resentments–what is there to resent, when NOW is NEW? By seeing with our hearts, we feel our power to create anew in every moment. We come alive! We feel the Love that is always around us– and this Love is such a joy to share that we begin to do so whenever and wherever we can, again and again, until…Right in front of us, there it is! Just waiting for us to step into– the shimmering, clear vision of the new world we have been waiting for, and that has been all of our heart’s desires, all along.

Much Love/Light to you, Always and in All Ways–Judith and the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. www.thecelestialteam.com

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  1. freddie greenfield

     /  November 13, 2012

    My eyes, ears and heart are wide open as I cross the threshold into a new way of being.



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  3. Lovely blog you havee here


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