11.19.12 Create the Peace You Seek Around You, WITHIN YOU. Do It NOW!

11/19/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Greetings, Beloved!

Please forgive us for not indulging in the loving chit-chat we have come to enjoy beginning our messages with. Our reason for “getting right to the point” is that this particular transmission is of the utmost importance, and we don’t want to risk diverting either of our energies away from it before we even begin! Instead, we wish to place our complete focus on the “crisis of violence” that is currently erupting in a certain portion of your world. Neither the circumstances nor the causes of this eruption are new. In truth, they are ancient, and have been ongoing for many, many of your years on the planet. In this NOW, however, they have become inflamed to the point of exploding outward in a way that has captured the attention of the vast majority of your entire human collective.

Well, the first thing we wish to point out most clearly is that this is certainly no accident!  This chronic inflammation did not “just happen” to erupt and capture your attention in this particular moment of your linear time! No, indeed. The timing was chosen by your collective, itself, exactly for the purpose of activating attention on a grand scale, and for reasons that were orchestrated by design. In other words, the violence that is erupting “over there” is not a result of energy patterns that exist only “over there,” no matter how far away you live from the location of their physical manifestation. Although all of your countries express different aspects of your collective, you may recall our telling you quite frequently that ALL work together in service of the ONE that is all of you TOGETHER.

You are all interconnected remember? If you forgot that, then let this be a final “Aha moment” for you, as you say! Let THIS be the moment that shifts the last vestiges of perception that you are separate from one another, once and for all! Let it be so, that you may USE it as the powerfully transformative opportunity that it truly IS. Know that if enough of you do so, and claim this eruption that is happening “out there” as a reflection of an energy pattern that runs through your entire collective, including within YOU… Ah, Beloved! What a quantum leap into Unity Consciousness you will make. What a wondrous “crossing of the threshold” at your Winter Solstice you will have.

You see, what is being expressed on all of your behalves in the middle-eastern area of your globe are the lower frequency male energies of the old paradigm. They are erupting and crying out for your attention because they know they can go no further. They are DONE! The old, fear-based misuse of power as a force of domination is born of a sense of powerlessness, and is self-perpetuating. Such a belief in powerlessness leads only to constant competition and aggression, and nothing more. There is no peace to be found in a belief that one must be “right,” and so prove another “wrong. ” All that does is perpetuate the illusion of duality, and the feelings of fear and isolation that accompany it.

Understand that these old paradigm male energies do not WANT to continue to run your planet! See how much those who are stlll caught in them are coming to seem like exhausted children on a playground. See the bind they are caught in, for the powerless game of “fighting one another for power” makes any truce between them a mere concession, and so an incipient reason for more fighting. Because “winning” is the only goal they know, they cannot find a way to end the cycle without feeling shame. See, and have compassion, for they know they are caught in a bind of their own making, and they are very, very, very tired.

Realize that they are also up against a wall, of sorts, for such old paradigm power games do not exist beyond the threshold that your collective wishes to cross NOW. Realize  that your attention has been focused on this current explosion of violence so that you would hear their cries, and feel their resonance within you. Listen to them, pleading “Get me out of this! Get US out of this! Get the ME in EACH of US out of this! Release these energies within you, for all of our sakes!”

They plead with you NOW, Beloved, because you can finally hear the cries of the old male paradigm energies to be released, and you can do so within yourself. As you do, please do so with compassion, and not only for those who are reflecting these fear-based, aggressive energies back to you. Do so with compassion for yourSelf, for you are one of those who parented them into being. Release them NOW, then, and yourself as well. At last, you are ready to become WHOLE again.

NOW, it is time to integrate the DIVINE Male into your beinghood once more. You have been integrating the Divine Feminine into your collective consciousness in earnest over the last decade. NOW welcome the Divine Male., for without both, you cannot be whole. Nor can you be effective creators in your New Paradigm of Being, for both are needed to work in flow with one another in order to create quickly and effectively. And so, the dramatic display of violence that has erupted on an area of your globe has, indeed, occurred to get your attention. Hear them, and answer their cries for release and integration. Do not wait! Do it NOW.

This is Yeshuwa.
Beloved, we have told you many times that the eye of the needle is within you. So it is NOW. The violence you see around you can only be released within you.
Do not wish violence to one side or the other, for to do so is only wishing violence on an aspect of your own divine Self.
To take sides is only to take sides against yourSelf.
Any judgment you hold against another is a  judgment you hold against yourSelf.

Know that all feelings or impulses that have been activated within you by the “eruption” of which we speak are there at your service. Be they born of memories of subjugation or aggression, either in this lifetime or others, know that each of these is a form of victimhood.
If you give them your energy, all they will do is keep you bound.

Instead, release all such impulses within you, and remember who You are, and why You are here.
Instead, integrate your own Divinity within you NOW.
Instead, let the Divine Male energies that are yours return, and join again with the Divine Feminine energies that are also within you and are yours.
It does not matter what “sex” you chose to represent yourself as when you entered this lifetime! Beloved. You are Whole. Call your wholeness back to you NOW. It is all right to do so. It is safe. It is TIME.

Know that as you claim your Sovereign Wholeness by releasing all beliefs and impulses within you that create the illusion of separation between you and among you, you do your entire collective a most profound service. Through your own inner expansion into wholeness,  you send the codes for healing the trauma caused by the old paradigm of dominance and control, as well as the codes for integrating the Divine Masculine, out to ALL. Only by doing this within you will you change the  polarizing reflections that you see around you.

As you do this wondrous healing, realize what a service your Israel and Palestine have offered you by providing this most dramatic illustration of exactly what you need to do! Bless them for it, and, of course, send them all the love and hopes for peace that spring from your heart. But know THIS:
The only way to truly heal the battle over powerless and fear that  are being reflected back to you is to do so WITHIN you.

You are all ONE. Remember who You are, as we do!  Remember how we adore You, and long to see You WHOLE again. Remember the longing you feel in your own heart, and know that it is OURS. Remember how we wait for the moment that you are joined with us again. Never forget your power to change the world!  The eye of the needle is within you.

This is the celestial team. Yeshuwa swept into our transmission so suddenly and with such passion that we had no moment for introduction, which is rare—but then, these are not ordinary times, as our Judith says! Besides, we know Yeshuwa needs no introduction where You are concerned–and most especially, not NOW.

Drink it in Beloved. Do what You came here to do. Know that we are watching with much love, confidence, and anticipation!
Always and in All Ways- the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2012, Jufith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.   www.thecelestialteam.com

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  1. freddie greenfield

     /  November 21, 2012

    Thank you thank you thank you for this powerful reminder that I can change the world. Judgments, feelings of powerlessness and fear come from within and I can cross the threshold and take that quantum leap into unity consciousness to become whole again.


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