Hi, Beloveds! I posted this on my own professional website in order to communicate the importance of claiming what the celestial team calls our Sovereign Authority, from a perspective that those who have not yet recognized their multidimensional natures might be more attuned with. What I discovered was that, even without saying it outright, it is impossible to write anything about our current state in this NOW that is NOT riddled with the evidence that we are multidimensional! And so, I am sharing this blog with you as well, in hopes that it will assist you in not only claiming your multi-dimensional sovereignty but grounding it right where you are, on planet earth. There is NO separation between our cosnic and earthly sensibilities, and it it “time” to integrate them all into who we are NOW. That is what we are here to do, and only in the doing will we become all that we are here to be–fully, freely, gloriously, powerfully, sovereign. (We ARE here to change the world, remember?)
Much Love/Light to you! — Judith

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


We ALL are energetic beings. Everything we see perceive is also made of energy. But that’s “old hat” scientific knowledge, isn’t it? Most of us who are not yet over one hundred years old learned that in our high school science classes! The scientific knowledge that is not as readily delivered into the mainstream curriculums of education, as yet, is that it is consciousness that dictates the form energy takes to create what we perceive as “reality.”

Quantum physicists began finding evidence of this over a century ago–and it has been very unsettling to the scientific community ever since. Why? Because the discoveries that quantum physicists continually make only continue to confirm that reality is simply a projection of consciousness. Understand the classical scientists’ hesitancy, then, in sending this news (rather old news at this point, actually) out there to ALL of us! Understand that  it makes the theoretical underpinnings of classical physics obsolete, and so completely derails the “facts” that they have…

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  1. freddie greenfield

     /  January 29, 2013

    What a beautiful reminder to be the change we want to see on the planet.
    Thank you thank you thank you darling Judith.


  2. YES!! Thank you, Judith, for your very clear explanation of sovereign authority and reality. I am claiming my power right now! 🙂



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